19 11, 2019

Cloud Document Management

November 19th, 2019|News|0 Comments

Cloud document management means more than just archiving and managing documents electronically. It’s a system that enables a dispersed workforce [...]

15 11, 2019

Local Rossendale netball team scores with new kit sponsor DocTech

November 15th, 2019|News|0 Comments

A local netball team in the Premier Division of Rossendale Ladies League has secured a new kit sponsor in DocTech, [...]

31 10, 2019

6 Reasons you Should be Storing Company Documents Digitally

October 31st, 2019|News|0 Comments

Storing company documents digitally may seem like a huge task, and let’s face it, it can be.  Any change for [...]

15 10, 2019

Paperless Finance Processes

October 15th, 2019|News|0 Comments

Using automated workflows in your business is a sure fire way to ensure your paperless finance processes work well.  A document [...]

4 10, 2019

Subject Access Request – Do you know where your business stands?

October 4th, 2019|News|0 Comments

A Subject Access Request (SAR), also known as the right of access, gives individuals the right to obtain a copy [...]

1 10, 2019

Document Management for Invoice Processing

October 1st, 2019|News|0 Comments

You may have a lot of questions when looking into document management for invoice processing. Here, DocTech aim to help [...]

10 09, 2019

Are you too Reliant on Network Folders?

September 10th, 2019|News|0 Comments

Regardless of how organised you and your colleagues try to be, network folders are one of the main reasons document [...]

3 09, 2019

Return on Investment of your Document Management System

September 3rd, 2019|News|0 Comments

We often get asked what the Return on Investment (ROI) is when it comes to implementing a Document Management System [...]

6 08, 2019

Digitising Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Processes

August 6th, 2019|News|0 Comments

A purchase requisition is a document used by employees when they need to purchase or order something on behalf of [...]

31 07, 2019

Need an easier way for doing your expenses?

July 31st, 2019|News|0 Comments

We all want the money back we spend during business trips and meetings, but is doing your expenses a job [...]