Healthcare : Learn the value can DocTech could add

 The governments’ target to achieve a paperless NHS by 2018 means that Hospitals, CCG’s and GP records will be accessible at the push of a button and all processes will be transparent and reporting will be possible.

For public or private sector health care professionals, utilising document management software to create electronic patient records, minimises the risk of important documentation being misplaced and increases security access.

Patient care improves and administrative tasks in hospitals, clinics and private practices are streamlined, improving productivity and efficiency.

“The College of Emergency Medicine have been using DocuWare for some years now and for the Membership team this has proved invaluable especially as we now link our new CRM into DocuWare so that we can see with one click all documentation for that member. Over the years we have introduced the finance and examination teams to DocuWare and although initially it proved challenging to convince them that this was the best way forward, they are now using the system with more confidence. The Training department are now realising the benefits of DocuWare and will be starting to use it soon. We are aiming to have all the on-line applications for membership, training and examinations on DocuWare so that we have a full picture of our members, trainees and examination candidates.”

Pam Bollen, The College of Emergency Medicine
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