Regardless of how organised you and your colleagues try to be, network folders are one of the main reasons document efficiency can be a disaster in your business.  Ignoring information management is a costly error and we’ll explain why.

Often we hear ‘it’s ok, it’s all backed up in the cloud’.  That might be true to some degree, but it won’t help to easily find documents.  And when you do find what you’re looking for, how confident are you it’s the correct version?

How much time and money are you wasting?

The average office worker can spend 4.5 hours a week hunting for documents.  That’s information saved in network folders or on paper in lever arches.  How much money does this wasted time equate to?

When you can’t find that piece of information in the network folders you believe it to be in, the hunt begins! You look in your email folders, check in with colleagues and ask them to check their email folders too.  You may then check your desktop, DropBox or even your CRM – maybe you attached it to a record?  All of this searching is not ideal and as we repeatedly advise companies, a waste of time.

The main reasons we hear that businesses haven’t addressed these issues is because ‘most of the time, we can manage’.  Maybe it seems like a luxury, something the bigger companies have or your budgets aren’t focused on back office systems.  At DocTech, our clients range in staff size from 5 to 12,000, and for many it is a necessity, not a luxury, changing the way they operate for the better. As for budgets, we understand that businesses can’t have the money for everything they’d like.  Throwing money at marketing for example may increase sales, but if you don’t have the back office systems in place to deal with that demand, problems are likely to creep in.

To ignore a process which actively hinders your staff from carrying out tasks that generate income for your business seems crazy to us! We’d urge you to take notice of the time Sheila can’t find that invoice, or Mike has sent the wrong copy of a document as your network is riddled with duplicates.

Take a step back and look at how you’re working.

Assess your processes and talk about what’s giving your staff the biggest issues in their jobs.  If you are too reliant on unstructured network folders, get in touch with DocTech.  We will give you honest advice and a clear place to start.