How secure are your business documents?

With cyber security threats becoming much more frequent, it is imperative that businesses look at their current software systems and choose the right document management solution to ensure critical documents and information are stored safely – if businesses are still dealing with paper-based document management, this is basically NOT SECURE.

Cyber criminals and hackers are after sensitive business information such as bank details, personnel files, financial reports, customer email addresses etc. Many businesses overlook the risks and only realise the seriousness of cyber threats after the damage is done – by which time it’s too late!

Hackers are clever and are aware that smaller businesses don’t have important secure systems in place, leaving them vulnerable to an attack. If a small business was attacked, can you imagine what the financial loss and damaged business reputation would be?! However, all sizes and types of businesses are at risk of cyber attacks.

Robust Data Security

DocTech have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses in all industries improve software and document security. It is worth investing in a well designed document management system that has multi-level encryption, giving businesses peace of mind that critical documents and data are stored securely. The system is scalable to meet business requirements and available either on premise or in the cloud.

The software works by digitally capturing and storing documents in an electronic file cabinet which can be viewed in real time by all staff. Permissions can be set so that only specified users have access to confidential information. With remote access, up-to-date information can be retrieved from anywhere, at any time, from a mobile device.

A document management system eliminates inefficient manual paper processes, significantly increasing productivity and improving Return on Investment (ROI).

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