Document management can support small and medium sized businesses take back control over messy shared network folders and chaotic paper files.  Files can be simply dropped into the system, directly from your email or scanned in and automatically organised.  Key index data can be taken from any document and saved.  Documents can then be instantly retrieved, shared, edited or annotated.

DocuWare isn’t just a place to store documents, but to use them too.

Document management provides small and medium sized businesses with a high quality and central location for all documents, available in the cloud and on premise.  It has the ability to capture, store and organise the most important information you use every day.   Alongside this, process automation replaces manual admin work, with a simple digital workflow.

organise documents


You can easily assign tasks and alert colleagues with instant email notifications.  DocuWare can directly notify an assigned person when an invoice is added into the system that needs management approval.  There is no longer a need to print it off, manually forward it or have it sat on a desk waiting.   Digital workflows can be designed that carefully align or enhance your existing manual or paper based processes.

A Mobile Workforce

Employees working from home or travelling can instantly retrieve documents from one central repository to share, edit and annotate.  Business information can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

mobile access to documents

How small and medium size businesses use document management

Since 1984, DocTech have provided document management solutions to a wide range of clients across a diverse number of industries in the UK.  Any size business can be catered for, and we are always keen to meet and really understand your business needs and headaches.

Any document type can be processed and there is no department within your business we can’t support.  Our clients use DocuWare for a diverse range of reasons to store and process documents relating to:

  • Accounts payable, receivable, budgeting and expense management
  • Employee onboarding, training needs, CVs, and management of retention rules
  • Sales, proposals and contracts
  • Project files, drawings, operation manuals, product specifications
  • Gift Aid declarations, royalty statements, pensions, student files and much much more!

If you’re a small or medium size business and think a document management system is too much for your needs – think again!  We can provide a simple digital repository, right through to full scale automated workflows.  Whatever your needs are speak to us and find out how we can help, 0161 647 7040.