Using a document management system in manufacturing can improve production, business intelligence, quality checks and the end to end sales order process.

As a manager in manufacturing, do you have all the information you need at your fingertips to see how the business is performing?  If you received a change to an order from a customer, would you know where it is up to in the production line?  Would you know how many invoices are awaiting payment at any one time?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then speak to us at DocTech to understand how a document management system in manufacturing can help.


The growing piles of documentation needed can overwhelm any manufacturing facility.  Planning materials that have to be retained by law could include letters, e-mail, protocols, accounting records, drawings, CAD plans, photographs and more. Every day, documents are modified and new ones are added.

Folders can quickly become full, filing cabinets over flowing and the need from various departments to locate documents becomes a hard task.  Harder than it needs to be.  Paper can have a way of getting lost, damaged or held up with couriers or in scanning centres.

How document management can help


Your employees in the factory need to be sure they have the latest version of a technical drawing for the part they are working on.  With DocuWare, every drawing that enters the system is assigned a version number, so there is no mistaking which is the final.  Without this, expensive mistakes can happen if the wrong part is made.

Production Documents

The system can handle all of your documents, from different departments in multiple locations in a centralised location. Paper documents can be scanned in, and electronic ones stored straight from email.  Each document type is saved with the same name, so CAD drawing is only ever CAD drawing, nothing else.  Every document can be stored and referenced how you want them to be, meaning all authorised users can easily access any document any time.

Integration with an ERP System

Perhaps your ERP system alone, doesn’t give you the unique reference numbers you require for each stage of the production line.  Or you have to come out of your ERP and open documents on the server to cross reference and get the information you need.  Having a document management system integrated with you manufacturing ERP means employees only ever have to work out of the ERP. Further integration can also happen with your finance package.  If an open purchase order in your ERP matches an invoice in Sage, DocuWare can trigger an authorisation for payment to be made.

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