How great would it be if employees could return from holiday with a clear desk and inbox?!

The summer holidays are nearly upon us, employees will be looking forward to a relaxing break away in the sun, BUT colleagues will have to pick up their work or leave non urgent paperwork to pile up in in-trays or on desks – not only is this process inefficient, on return from vacation, employees will have a mountain of paperwork to action and a flood of emails to get through.

As a result, businesses may see a huge dip in productivity resulting in reduced cashflow, especially for SMEs where the absence of a single employee can lead to work being delayed until they get back.

DocTech have the document management and data capture solutions to streamline workflow processes. By going digital, all documents and emails can be captured and stored in an electronic central file cabinet where employees can access up-to-date information in real time. This digital process ensures all business documents and data are securely stored in a central document pool. Employees don’t even have to leave their desks as documents are easily accessible with one click of a mouse. With documents and information accessible by all authorised staff, employees can return from their holidays with a clear desk and email inbox – fabulous!

With options to host the software in the cloud or install on premise, DocTech’s document management solutions can significantly improve business productivity, efficiency and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

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