We’re all facing challenges we’ve never had to face before, and it’s more important than ever to communicate, stay fit and healthy and work together.

Some things to think about over the coming weeks:

Video calling

Make sure you have some way to do this.  There are so many tools available and many of them free, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.  If you have a weekly meeting, keep it but just do it online.  If you were going to meet your friends for a coffee and a catch up, continue to do so, but do it online.  A member of our team did so via FaceBook messenger.  Six, 35 year olds putting stupid filters on the videos, laughing and joking.

Video calling

For your kids, set up Google Hangout, all you need is a Gmail address then they can all still see their mates.

Workday routine

Plan ahead, decide when you’ll start and finish and take regular breaks that involve going outside, safely, and if possible.

Try and do some form of exercise every day, it will make a huge difference.  Go for a short walk, do some gardening, take part in a YouTube fitness video or set weekly challenges for your colleagues.

Productive working environment

Work at a clutter free desk, in a quiet room where possible.  Open a window for some fresh air or having a window to look out of will all help your mood.


Right now, more than ever it’s important to communicate with your colleagues.  Set up a form of instant messaging, whether that’s Skype, Yammer, Teams or WhatsApp for your chats.  You’d normally speak in the office about daily life, what you’re having for dinner or what you’ve heard in the news, so continue to do so online.

Try and get into the habit of letting each other know when you’re having breaks so you know who’s available and who’s not.

Be careful of what you read.

With everything that’s going on, it’s really hard to stop reading the news or looking on FaceBook. Myths and wrong information can fuel anxiety.  Use reputable sources of news like the BBC, Gov.uk and Public Health England. Try not to share news that may not be accurate.

Get in touch with us

With some clever minds at DocTech, please get in touch about any IT questions you may have.  Whether it’s how to access your document management system from home, how to get your microphone working or why your VPN connection keeps dropping out.

We’re all in this together, so let’s work together wherever possible.