Like any business, food manufacturers/suppliers are looking to get numerous products out to market as quickly as possible and ultimately get paid as quickly as possible. The quality and safety of the product is clearly imperative to repeat business – but equally as important is the service provided. Most Food and Drink Manufacturers are using some sort of MRP/ ERP system and this is where DocTech shine because we can fully integrate into these systems eradicating double entry and offering access to corresponding documents within the ERP system.

Is the business easy to work with? Is it straightforward? Are they compliant? Do they have good record keeping? Do they arm their staff with access to information quickly to resolve issues? Do they bill their clients efficiently? Are they transparent? Do they protect the information shared with them? Do their clients feel assured partnering with them?

These are the key areas we add value to our clients. We provide high level document management, retrieval, workflow solutions and automated email filing often as part of  current infrastructure or applications. From HR records, Purchase documents, delivery notes to complaints, specifications and training records, our systems can and do add serious value, efficiency and safety to the way businesses operate.

For example we can provide a button which sits with a CRM/ERP or Finance package where users can view all related documents to that page such as the original order, previous orders, the PO, delivery notes, food temperature records, Food specs, ingredients archive, health and safety docs, driver delivery notes, complaints management, product spec, quality documents, HR contracts, drawings etc. We can be the linking software to enable your systems to send information between each other. The time saving offered and reminder scheduler – I.E this training accreditation is due to expire, enables ultimate efficiency and quality management, optimal customer service, quicker payments from your clients and is proven to drive profits.

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