Paperless work can make us feel better whilst being more productive.  Paper tends to get unnecessarily printed and placed on your desk throughout the day. Small mountains of documents pile up which can lead to us feeling unorganised and stressed.

We’ve become used to the idea of paper and documents being part of our lives without questioning how relevant it is.  We naturally want to bring paper along to our meetings and activities as a kind of “crutch” that assists our day.

Of course, there are many scenarios where you will interact with paper on a daily basis, but if it’s not necessary, then why do we do it?  There’s a whole host of benefits to eliminating paper from your working day.

Your Workstation

Going paperless and being able to keep a clean workstation will dramatically reduce stress levels and improve performance.

One Location

Have your to do list in one place.  Are your jobs written down in the back of a pad, flagged tasks in your inbox or even just in your head? Bring them all together rather than spread across many and you’ll feel better.  Try digitising it with Todoist or TickTick.

Start with Yourself

Experiment with your own workload, paperless work will help to create a worked example in your office.

Communicate with Colleagues

Tell your boss and colleagues what you’re doing so they know to email you that document rather than print it out.  Seeing how it works, your boss may start to implemented it company wide.

Introduce an in-tray

Now you’ve cleared your work space, add an in-tray to collect items across your day. The aim is to reduce paper, but whilst this is happening, add a single way of collecting it so it’s organised.

Paperless Meetings

Try to take a tablet or laptop to a meeting to write notes. This will begin to inspire others to reduce the amount of paper floating around the office and meeting rooms.

Always Scan Things

Get scanning! Using scanning tools to save paper for later will be helpful in the road to going paperless.  Storing your documents digitally will save space in the office too.

Always ask for Digital Versions

At work, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a paperless experience. Ask your colleagues and suppliers whether they can send you a paper-free documents.


Remember to recycle, where possible, any paper you no longer need.

Paperless work can take time to implement.  It involves changing the way you, and in turn your colleagues, do things.  Don’t give up, you will see the benefits!