Ensure business continuity with intuitive document management software

With UK forecasters issuing a yellow weather warning over the next few days, and waves of thunderstorms likely to bring sudden flooding to roads, homes and businesses, have you thought about how this may affect your business?

You may think “it won’t happen to me” however, the UK has experienced extreme weather conditions over the last few years with businesses completely flooded, causing some of them to shut down and huge losses suffered as a result.

So, how can DocTech help?

DocTech specialises in document management technology and data capture solutions, and has helped many businesses over the years improve document management processes by implementing a world class document management system.

DocTech’s document management software delivers a service which protects businesses from risks such as fire, flood, theft or corruption – document management software integrates with any business application such as CRM and ERP to deliver the complete functionality required for your business.

Document management software works by capturing, indexing and storing documents and information, from any source, into a centralised document pool. Staff can easily retrieve and share the most up-to-date information and collaborate efficiently with colleagues across other departments and sites – manual processes are defunct and staff morale is increased.

Simplify Audit and Compliance with Document Management Software

Paper cluttered organisations rarely dispose of files and the more paper files there are, the longer it takes and the harder it is to meet both internal and external audits and compliance.

Document management software ensures easy compliance with industry related regulators and laws.

DocTech’s software simplifies the audit process by enabling businesses to set up document retention periods so that required information is available upon request.

Robust Data Security

Document management software guarantees multi-level encryption so data is safer than it would be saved on a company’s network server. DocTech’s document management software is scalable and can be hosted on premise or in the cloud and can be tailored to business process requirements.

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Alternatively, please take a look at our client case studies for further insight: Case Studies.