When implementing a document management system, moving from paper based processes to a digital one is relatively easy if existing processes are well documented and understood.

It can be more complicated if a business lacks documentation on how its processes work.  Understanding this, prior to implementing digital workflows and processes is key.

Tips on moving from paper based processes

In order to develop effective paperless processes, it’s absolutely critical to talk to key users and stakeholders.  We often find managers think the organisation follows a certain process, but the day-to-day reality is totally different.

When you first start moving from paper based processes to digital ones, avoid introducing huge changes at the same time. Tweaks are good practice, and with the experience DocTech has, we can often suggest changes that offer improvements.

When digitising and updating processes, make sure you record the changes.  Then, if issues arise in testing, you can determine whether they are due to the new platform or the new process.

Once the digital document management system has been tested, you may discover new opportunities to improve workflows.  A workflow is a system used to produce, track, edit, store and manage documents associated with a business process.

Look for ways to eliminate unnecessary steps and streamline as much as possible.  Processes should be reviewed with end users after implementation as they may have suggestions for workflow enhancements.  Review again after a few months to once more see if any improvements could be made.

Why make the move to a paperless office?

Moving from paper based processes using a document management system enables you to tailor the user experience to meet your requirements. The new digitised process or workflow can mirror your current paper based ones exactly, it’s just removes so much room for error.  Pieces of paper can’t go missing, they are stored safely; with backups, it speeds up how documents can move through the business, and ultimately saves time and money.

Additions can include email notifications and reminders, or web services that bring outside data into the digital workflow.

If you’re ready to take advantage of digital storage, processes and workflows with a document management system, take the first step in moving from paper based processes and assess how they currently work.  Then get in touch with DocTech to see how we can support you further.