Using automated workflows in your business is a sure fire way to ensure your paperless finance processes work well.  A document management system can route invoices around the business electronically, and with minimal input needed from employees.  This ensures that should an approver be on holiday or off sick, no bottlenecks occur.

The rules your business already has in place, such as matching the value of a purchase order to the same value on an invoice to authorise payment, can be applied to a document management system.  These automated rules, improve the control over important information, as well as flag errors in a timely manner.

Information is easy to find and immediately accessible wherever you need it.  Staff no longer need to search through folders for paper documents, or across different locations on your server.

Many of our clients realised the need to have paperless finance processes in place, and got in touch.  But for one, the final push came when they received a request from a customer for electronic copies of their invoices to cross reference charges.  Most invoices received were digital anyway, so it no longer made sense to keep processing anything on paper.

Added to this, they wanted a mobile ready solution to be accessible anywhere, that required minimal internal IT resource.  For this reason, they opted for DocuWare Cloud.

Staff Save 20 hours of Time a Month

Supplier invoices can now be emailed to their customers directly from the software.  By implementing a paperless finance processes their customer service response time has improved.  The system saved staff 20 hours per month.  This was previously spent tracking down payable invoices that were out for approval.  Approvers out on site could review and approve invoices from their mobile device, allowing the accounting process to continue to flow smoothly.

Digital workflows resulted in greater transparency, allowing management to monitor the business processes in real time. Staff are able to do their jobs faster as they can monitor where each invoice is up to in the process, and who to speak to should there be any hold up.

Digital Approval Process

With a document management system, every invoice can be routed through a digital approval process.  This confirms that the purchase is legitimate, the price is correct and that the cost has been assigned to the right job number or cost centre.  DocuWare has meant a faster and more precise way to complete daily tasks.

For a demo to see how DocuWare works, or to talk with us about adopting paperless finance processes, call 0161 647 7040 or email us.