We’re pretty sure manual data entry isn’t at the top of your ‘fun things to do list’, but it is sometimes part and parcel of many job roles.  It’s time consuming, prone to errors and let’s face it, we’re sure there’s a better use of your time.

At DocTech, we definitely can’t eradicate all of that tedious work (sorry!) but we can certainly help.  A document management system with efficient data capture can reduce some of that manual data entry.  We work with our clients to help ease repetitive work such as:

  • Typing information from an invoice into an excel and/or finance package
  • Sifting through expense receipts, ordering them and then typing them into a spreadsheet– every month!
  • Manually checking reference numbers for duplicates
  • Matching purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes to one another
  • Creating the same project folders for new work over and over again
  • Searching through filing cabinets for the right document

How much time are you spending on manual data entry and repetitive tasks

If any of the above are taking too much time out of your working day, it’s likely you’re becoming demoralised.  It may be worth working out how much time you’re actually spending on these tasks, and what you’re unable to do because of them.  Speak with management about your concerns, and then look into how a document management system can help.