Back office automation is hardly a term any of us get excited about!  At the same time, back office jobs are hugely important but rarely anybody’s favourites!  Tasks are time consuming, seldom rewarding, and let’s face it, sometimes boring!

Back office work will often fall under similar departments:

  • HR departments – should be able to focus on the people and their performance. Not filling in forms, managing employee files, policies and holiday request documentation.
  • Finance – high volumes of documents flow through any finance department.  Managing assets and business strategy should be the priority, not manual cross checks and data entry.
  • Auditing and compliance – auditing internal processes, document retention and GDPR compliance are all labour intensive tasks.  Quality Managers will spend more time documenting than doing the work.

So given the importance of all these departments, and that some tasks can often fall to the bottom of the ‘to do list, what can businesses do to support employees manage this type of work?

Back Office Automation

Automating these tasks is where businesses can use technology to add real value.  Many companies are struggling with the volume of information they receive and process and the documentation they have to manage as a result.  It can be difficult for staff to locate important information that is spread across various systems, network drives or email folders.

Taking away some of the mundane work, and allowing technology to take the strain can enable staff to focus on the core values of their job.  Managing the functions they were employed to do, and not the paperwork.

What Tasks can be Automated?

In HR, digital forms can be implemented so employee information can be populated into multiple places.

In finance, invoices can be scanned and information automatically stored into a central location whilst updating your finance package.  This reduces manual data entry and human error.

For audits, it is a company’s records and processes that are being checked, therefore if  not up to date or missing a business may be non-compliant.  Using a document management system to centralise documents, make then searchable, secure and takes away mundane work from Quality Managers.

Back office automation can be as simple or as complex as your business processes.  If you’re looking for a way to manage these hugely important tasks more efficiently, get in touch with us.