So this sounds pretty obvious…..BUT it always amazes us how many people do not see that TIME is the biggest return on investment that any document management software can offer.

People sometimes ask us outright, what will it cost me before we have done any proper evaluation..our reply is simple: What is it costing you not doing it? Then the blank looks follow! We know we can offer our systems from £89 per month (reduces as the number of licenses increases) but we need to know certain pieces of information to answer properly.

To put it simply, we ask prospective clients these questions:

How many documents are being processed?

Do your filing systems Auto-Store, Track, Report, Remind, Renew documents? Do they help with your compliance?

What effort is needed before an audit?

How many times is data entered into the systems?

Do your systems have the ability to pass data from one to another? I.E CRM to ERP or OUTLOOK to ERP?

Time Saved=Profit made.

Give us a call if you would like us to evaluate what you do now and what recommendations we suggest: 0161 667 7040 or email