At DocTech we see and help many businesses who feel they are working inefficiently.  Our document management software DocuWare, can support in improving processes by:


Reducing manual work (and who doesn’t want to do that?!)

Searching through lever arch files for that delivery note or manually typing information from an invoice should be a thing of the past! It can all be done quickly and simply once documents are scanned into our document management system DocuWare.

Having secure and compliant access to information on and off site

It’s Friday night, and if you really want to check that invoice has been paid, you can!  DocuWare is web based with mobile access.  It provides multiple secure, redundant backups with multi-level encryption.  It gives businesses peace of mind that critical documents and data are stored securely.

Reduce the printing of documents

Why are you printing? There is no need – everything is stored digitally and backed up.  Our digital filing cabinets and trays effectively replace those big bulky metal ones in your office.

Create multiple department workflows of documents

Your finance team receives an invoice, they need approval from manufacturing to check it’s right. It’s printed out and taken, or emailed to manufacturing.  There, it’s agreed it’s correct and is signed off.  It goes back to finance where the Head of Finance needs to approve it as it’s over £5,000.  They approve it and it’s given back to the finance team for payment.

Wow – that’s a lot of steps to write, never mind do.  This can all be automated using a digital workflow that replicates your existing paper process.

Ability to store all document types

Dropbox storage isn’t big enough for your PDF tender?  Your ERP system can’t store manuals? DocuWare can store it all including drawings, photos, word, excel, pdfs, etc.

Centralise all documents

Full text search functionality – replacing network folders, email storage, DropBox or One Drive reliance.  Put it all into a document management system

Version control for project work

DocuWare provides a full audit trail and version control for every single document.  The original document always remains, and new versions are saved.  See who accessed any document and when, as used my many of our construction clients.

Avoid data chaos

Did a colleague store the fee proposal on the server?  What did they call it? Was it saved by client name or company reference?  Eradicate all of the unknowns – with DocuWare set up, you decide your document names, and that is what they can ONLY be stored as going forward.

Processes can still cope during busy periods

If your business grows or goes through a busy period, DocuWare and cope with an increase in the volumes of documents.  No reason to pull your hair out, let technology take the strain.

Looking for a return on investment?

A normal ROI for a finance department with 4 users is a time saving of around 10 hours per week.  That’s almost a day and a half of time that could be better used within your business.

For more information about document management and for us to calculate your ROI get in touch.