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Since 1984, DocTech have been at the forefront of Document Management Services and Solutions in the UK. We help businesses to improve the way they store, process and share business documents. This improves efficiency and visibility throughout their business processes whilst ensuring compliance is met and risk is reduced.

Improve the way you store, process and share business documents

We have been the main UK DocuWare document management services and solutions partner since 1995. We provide document management services to a wide range and size of clients. Each industry and department requires different document and process improvements. We can solve specific problems such as invoice process headaches or processing of gift aid receipts. We can equally provide a company wide solution for version control and collaboration of shared business documents. 

Our Clients are from an abundance of industries. Many projects start with a generic process such as invoice processing or perhaps from a HR or Quality focus.

DocTech Specialisms:

Our knowledge and service is what sets us aside and ensures you get a great result from your investment.  We provide web-based  Document Management systems which securely scan and store company information into a central document pool which can be quickly retrieved from any location. This can be done by scanning, organising and filing documents into the system. Also by storing from emails or by managing mailboxes and automatically storing attachments where required. Clients can opt for a basic archive if that offers the functionality required.  Our solutions vary depending on your needs and your budget. Some systems are implemented in single departments and some are company wide. Many develop over time as more document management services are required. 

Say Goodbye to File Chaos

Store and organise any type of document, including electronic files and e-mail in one common document pool. Documents are available quickly and easily, at any time and from any location. Invoice approval is simpler and quicker, and data quality is improved.

Find Documents – Anytime, Worldwide

A Windows based Client Server application which can be accessed with a Desktop Windows Client or through a browser using the Web Client. All authorised employees can immediately access documentation from any location where they have an internet connection. DocuWare is Secure and configured to provide complete protection from unauthorised entry.

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