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Document Processes: Are Yours Enabling Excellence? 

A document management and data capture process takes information from a wide variety of IT systems found throughout a company and stores it all in one central document pool, in a secure and legally compliant way. Every authorised employee can immediately access this wealth of information no matter the format – even via the internet.

Having electronic information doesn’t necessarily guarantee a seamless flow of information. For example, the accounting program and the system found in other departments might not communicate with one another, not all records are archived in a secure way that meets legal guidelines, employees in different departments can only access the data of their particular area, customer service and sales staff can only access part of a customer’s records, and email is treated by many as private property.  The conclusion: no one has a real overview of what is going on and what the process should be.

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document processes with DocuWare

“Everything is now filed and is easily retrievable in one document repository. Our Customer Services team achieved a time saving of approximately 15 hours of filing per week – i.e. ½ hour per person x 5 days. The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location. We are continuing to work closely with DocTech on future enhancements with other teams within our business.”
Sue Brennan, Swagelok Manchester

Find out more about our success with Swagelok in our case study here.


All Your Documents Under Control In One Central Place

If you want an efficient and cost effective business, document processes should be a key focus for you. DocTech’s Solutions enable businesses to store all company documents across your organisation in compliance with legal regulations in a central document pool. Document processes underpin the success of your business as they reduce the risk and unnecessary cost of losing or misfiling information.

All authorised employees, whether they are in accounts, marketing, sales, HR, purchasing, production or administration, can immediately access them regardless of format, including via the internet – business processes are optimised and your capacity to compete is enhanced.

How do we Help Your Document Processes?

With DocTech’s solutions, all documents are automatically indexed using criteria such as customer number, name, address. Within seconds, authorised staff from any location can access this information vastly reducing search times – with no need to file duplicates. Questions can be answered quickly across all departments internally and to clients. Your customers appreciate the fast and reliable service. Your business has transparency and staff can work quickly and efficiently.

Can we Help The Document Processes in Your Department? 

The projects  we deal with often start with:

Accounts Payable

Human Resources



Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing document and information.

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