Food Manufacturers Document Processes: Centralise finance & quality documents


Food Manufacturers Document Processes 

Food Manufacturers document processes often live in the shadow of the actual manufacturing process. There are huge savings and benefits from having strict processes and better access with your documents.

In the Food and Drink industry, traceability, transparency and customer service are essential to be compliant and retain your clients.

DocuWare For Food and Drink

Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into Food and Drink management software systems such as HACCP and ERP systems. Our main product DocuWare is SQL based and can be integrated to ‘sit inside’ other applications. Keeping records in your ERP system is important for audits and regulatory compliance.

DocuWare will help you with complete record keeping to evidence a remediation process must also be maintained for inspection and proof of compliance, should there be a process failure. Full document edit history is as standard and we can offer authorisation via workflows. Every user has access to only the documents they are given permission to access. Many staff will view but not edit documents.

Having instant access to information they need will enable your staff to get more done.

DocuWare provides transparency with internal and external audits, customer audits, regulatory audits and supplier.

How Our Clients Use Our Solutions

At DocTech we get to know our clients well and every business uses our solutions slightly differently. We help many Quality Managers with their storage and handling of group manuals for example. Whereas a Financial Director will clearly be invoice and contract focused.

Documents Handled in the Food and Drink Industry

  • Customer information
  • Manuals
  • Recipe/Ingredient data
  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Receipts
  • Certificates
  • Purchasing and logistics forms
  • Order confirmations
  • Payroll & HR records
  • Packing slips
  • Bills of lading
  • Standard operating procedures
  • General correspondence from paper and emails

We understand you don’t have time to waste, so simply contact us, tell us what you want to do or the problem  you are having and we will tell you if you we have suitable solutions.

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“DocuWare is the cornerstone of our IT strategy, helping us to integrate software applications from all of our offices around the world, shrink costs and simplify the exchange of experiences”
Rainer Heisel, Director IT, Haribo GmbH & Co

Find out more about our success with Haribo in our case study here.


Document Management Software : Improve Productivity, Reduce Risk 

It is becoming crucial that all documentation in the Food and Drink industry can be properly archived electronically. Our clients consider a document management solution which will gain control of documents and data, to improve business process efficiencies and meet tight regulatory requirements.

In addition, consumers are constantly seeking lower prices and high-quality products. By implementing a document management system, companies can easily evaluate their business processes to drive down costs while meeting the demands of retailers, whilst maintaining food safety laws and regulations.

DocTech provide a complete, cost effective and scalable solution that works by capturing, storing and indexing documents and data into an electronic central document pool where staff have access to the most current information, which is necessary for a Food and Drink company to run its business operations smoothly, safely and increase profitability. Mobile staff can work as though they were sat in the office with access to all the current information they need.

Easy Compliance with Product Liability Laws and Retention Schedules

Legal Security

When your documents are securely stored in a document management system, you are able to meet retention schedules and contractual risks are reduced.

DocTech Solutions are available either on premise or in the cloud with affordable pricing options to suit your business workflow requirements. Paper documents can be scanned in and retrospective digital documents are imported as part of the install: all the crucial information in one secure system.

We help Food and Drink companies to meet the high and demanding quality standards, controls and strict rules stipulated by various regulatory bodies and laws such as:-

  • FSA – Food Standards Agency
  • FDF – Food and Drink Federation
  • FSMA – Food Safety Modernisation Act
  • DAERA – Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs
  • BSDA – British Soft Drinks Association
  • DEFRA – Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  • EU Food Law
  • Food Safety Act 1990
  • The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013

Benefits of Document Management

  • Leaner and faster processes
  • Easy compliance with regulatory bodies and quality standards
  • Improved quality and operational efficiency
  • Better control over information
  • Reduced costs and storage space
  • Increased productivity, ROI and profit
  • Transparent audit trails
  • Improved customer service
  •  Documents can be viewed within other applications such as ERP systems
  •  Less need for overtime during busier periods
  • Less wasted time searching for documents

For further information about 3rd party integration in the Food and Drink Industry, please view our integrations page: Integrations.

Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing document and information.

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