DocuWare Will Improve The Visibility and Efficiency Of Your Accounts Process


Finance Departments: Reduce Accounts Costs & Increase Profits with Faster Processes

If you work in or with Finance and specifically the Accounts Process, you’ll be aware of the volume of documents sent, received and  stored for legal and financial auditing purposes.

With DocuWare, a much higher level of efficiency can be achieved within your accounts department. We enable finance departments, within many industries to transform document access and processes making life easier and approvals quicker.

Regardless of the format or source, DocuWare will automate business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents.

Access to Accounts Documents is Key

Your Finance documents are always readily available where ever and whenever they are needed. Moreover, you can see where they are up to in the approval process and find corresponding documents. If you have an Invoice you might want to instantly view the Purchase Order. Wasted Time is Wasted Money. Your FD may be sat on a train – give them the ability to authorize documents on the go.   Enable staff to work in a live collaborative environment and everyone wins.

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“Everything is now filed and is easily retrievable in one document repository. Our Customer Services team achieved a time saving of approximately 15 hours of filing per week – i.e. ½ hour per person x 5 days. The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location. We are continuing to work closely with DocTech on future enhancements with other teams within our business.”
Sue Brennan, Swagelok Manchester

Finance Departments who use our products: Read Our Swagelok case study here.


Streamline Your Accounts Process: Reduce Risk & Improve Visibility

Take The Headache Out Of Your Accounts Process

Accounts Receivable

It can be a long time between generating invoices to issuing payment reminders and recording cash receipts. When all relevant documents are stored in a central document pool access is instant. Questions can be immediately cleared up and copy invoices can be sent out immediately.

Accounts Payable

Invoice copies can pass through many hands. With DocuWare all the information you will need is at the ready. A well-structured system allows processes to move smoothly, meaning early payment discounts are well within reach! Process times are significantly shorter. Employees spend less time searching for documents therefore reducing the  costs associated with the invoice verification process.

Cost Analysis

Department processes and expenses are often analysed by management to determine where efficiencies can be made. The DocuWare document pool gives Manager level uses full visibility: Questions and queries can quickly be resolved. Management personnel have the information to predict budget variances and cost overruns are improved.

Budget Planning

With DocuWare all planning parameters, such as project plans and timelines are drawn from a central document pool. Version control of shared documents reduces the numerous emails back and forth and gives everyone visibility of the status of documents/projects.

Invoice Approval

Invoices often require authorisation from varying departments resulting in documents being passed from department to department. With Electronic Stamps in DocuWare, task lists are defined and assigned to individual employees. Processing and decision making steps are automatically added to the task list of the next person in line. On receipt of the invoice in the mailroom, it can be assigned to the accounts employee who then routes the invoice to the correct department. The invoice is approved or rejected with a stamp and automatically appears in the task list of the next responsible person within the organisation. We can show this very simply using our demo videos. 

For further information about 3rd party integration in an Accounting Department, please view our integrations page: Integrations.

Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple archive to full workflow solutions, DocuWare is a great solution for any finance department who need to gain control of their documents.

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