Improve Processes through better Document Access in Charities and Not for Profit Organisations


Document Management: Efficiency for Charities

We understand that efficiency for Charities is key. Less admin costs means more funds for your cause.  managing a Charity involves a lot of paperwork and record keeping – most of which needs to be kept securely, and in order, for tax relief and compliance purposes.  Like most of our Clients, we assist Charities in general departments such as their Finance and HR departments. Charities are legally required to keep certain records over a long period. Historical data in relation to fundraising, financial, compliance and promotional activities can be requested by the charity commission at any time. These are the things our solutions help with – specifically processes such as the handling of gift aid receipts like we do for The Woodland Trust. 

In addition to compliance, one of the main drivers for digitalising paperwork within a charity is to free up office space and save money on survey data capture and processing.

Why do Charities Choose DocuWare

  • DocuWare reduces document retrieval and processing times
  • DocuWare frees up valuable office space
  • Reduces the overall cost associated with paper based documentation
  • DocuWare allows charitable organisations to run more efficiently
  • Maintain compliance
  • Save time and money on manual processes and data capture
  • Business Transparency and reduced Risk
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“DocuWare helps us securely store gift aid declarations and claim tax credits. The increase in income from tax credits alone has more than paid for the software.”
Richard Gardner, IT Systems Analyst for the Woodland Trust

Find out more about our success with The Woodland Trust in our case study here.


Reduce storage space and costs, maintain legal compliance and integrate with existing CRM and accounting packages.


DocuWare is the perfect document management solution for charities because it meets the legal requirements of the courts, helps to reduce document storage space, and can be customised to each organisations unique needs. The benefits of moving toward a paperless working process include:

  • reducing an organisations environmental impact
  • improving efficiency for charities
  • reducing costs
  • improving transparency

Easy access to information can often inspire a charity to expand their use of DocuWare to include direct debit mandates and gift aid declarations. Gift aid allows a charity to collect an additional 25% of the value of the donation from HMRC and is an important source of additional revenue. DocuWare allows charitable organisations to store gift aid declarations securely. From this additional income stream, paperwork is managed and maintained correctly for future auditing purposes.


UK law allows gift aid declarations to be made verbally but the charity must confirm the declaration in writing and keep a copy of the confirmation. DocuWare helps the organisation manage and maintain these forms that are an important source of income. If audited the charity could be liable for missing gift aid declarations, but with DocuWare in place this liability is eliminated.

DocuWare can be seamlessly integrated with a charity’s CRM system. Take a donor charity, for example: Once a donor is located in the CRM system, every document related to that donor can be accessed by clicking the integrated DocuWare button. This integration has streamlined two databases into one system, simplifying information access and improving customer service.

For legal purposes, DocuWare meets the guidelines set by UK law and electronic documents are therefore legally admissible in court proceedings. Search times are considerably shortened which frees up the legal team for more important tasks. DocuWare also guarantees secure access to documents that for legal purposes require a long or permanent retention schedule, such as property deeds or wills.

For further information about 3rd party integration for ultimate efficiency for Charities, visit Integrations.

Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing documents and information.

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