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Management of Education Documents: Compliant Storage, Workflow Approvals &  Processes

The Management of Education documents is key to the success of any educational institute

We know that most schools and colleges are now run as efficiently as the most profitable businesses. Education leaders look to us to provide them with a secure platform for storing and managing their documents with access from any location. From accounts payable, fees, student records, HR, certificates: DocuWare can handle it all. Users have bespoke access and edit permissions and those with the highest permissions will have total transparency of document processes. We can offer high level reporting functions and massively reduce the number of emails between staff. Email integration allows alerts to be sent to staff such as a notification to approve a document or an alert than a policy has changed to a defined user group.

DocuWare is now well known within state and private educational institutions. We have numerous installations of our document management software in State and Private Schools, FE Colleges, Academies and Universities. We believe our clients choose us because of our level of experience and also because of the versatility of the software to be adopted comfortably in multiple departments. You can read our York College Case Study HERE.

In recent years, new legislation has required all student records to be kept for a minimum of five years which has created  storage and filing problems across the Education Sector. In a climate of cutbacks, the Education Sector is under increasing pressure to examine ways of improving business processes and reducing costs. We can help with this by radicalizing education documents and processes.  

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our educational clients implement document management solutions in to their HR, Finance and Student Records departments to improve the efficiency of processing applications, student enrolment and admissions as well as protection of personal data.

DocTech systems handle the paperwork dealt with on a daily basis including: 

  • Careers information
  • UCAS paperwork
  • exam papers
  • Student records
  • Finance records
  • HR documents
  • Student applications
  • Learning agreements
  • Student fees
  • Policies and procedures,
  • Publications & Reports
  • Timetables & Course notes

DocTech provides scalable and efficient document management and scanning solutions which accurately capture, store and index documents in one central filing cabinet. Staff from every department are able to access current documents at a click of a mouse. Security features ensure that only staff with specific authorisation can view confidential information.

Choose us for your education documents

  • Mobile access to documents
  • Link relevant documents to eachother
  • Reduce physical storage space
  • Give bespoke access for users
  • Digital authorisation processes
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Provide consistency & streamline workflows
  • Save valuable amounts of time & money
  • Integrate into back office systems
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“York College, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2013, has been using DocuWare for over 8 years. During this time the use of DocuWare for document management and archiving has proven to be a huge success and benefit for the College. Integration with College MI systems has facilitated automation of processes as well as providing the College the means to drastically reduce the storage of paper documents and increasing efficiencies. The advice, support and guidance received from Doctech has been excellent, and has helped with the successful installation and use of DocuWare at York College.”
Azhar Iqbal, York College

Read about our success with York College in our case study here.


Education documents: Digital Processes offer Significant Value

Digitally capturing student application forms enables faster processing and a transparent workflow. Students can easily access information such as timetables, course notes, support materials etc, providing them with a better student service.

With many schools and universities now using tablets, all staff can collaborate using electronic document workflows – information can be easily shared, enabling faster approval time.

Regulatory Compliance

Schools, colleges and universities all have to comply with certain regulatory bodies such as Ofsted, HSE, Right to Know Requests under the Freedom of Information Act, Higher Education Act and more.

Education establishments are obliged to manage and submit to the Office of Fair Access (OFFA) a range of documents relating to bursaries and tuition fees. DocTech’s solutions provide effective tools that accurately meet the provisions of the Higher Education Act.

Regarding Tier 4 Border Legislation, our system can help higher education establishments manage the paperwork surrounding foreign students by combining all related documents into a secure electronic document pool.

Confirmation of acceptance of studies, proof of funds, passports, ID cards, Tier 4 Visas and other documents can all be stored securely.

The benefits of a document management system are:-

• Version control
• Improved collaboration between staff
• Easier compliance and audits
• Robust data security
• Eliminated manual processes and paper
• Reduced manual data entry
• Improved efficiencies
• Clearer audit trails
• Reduced costs
• Streamlined workflows

For further information about 3rd party integration in the Education Sector, see our integrations page: Integrations.

Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From student records management to full business solutions. DocTech offer compliant, cost effective solutions for any school/College/University facing an ongoing battle with the management of education documents: storage, retrieval and audit trails.

Current DocuWare Users