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First Class Scanners and Imaging Technology to Boost Your Business

DocTech are extremely proud to be a Premier Partner with Kodak Alaris. Through this exclusive partnership, DocTech can offer our CLIENTS a fully integrated way to use data with an end to end service to drive efficiency, growth and profitability. Kodak Scanner and DocTech’s first class scanning software ensures speed and accuracy enabling faster processes.

Benefits of DocTech’s scanning solutions

  • Enable staff to focus on business not admin and data entry
  • Reduce manual tasks and start the indexing of data
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty
  • Optimise scan quality for greater efficiency
  • Reduce costs and improve your ROI
  • Robust data security
  • Improve speed and accuracy


Your Business Can Do More With Quick & Accurate Processes

With DocTech’s professional suite of high quality, intuitive scanning solutions, it is possible to help organisations select the right fit based on scanning and workflow requirements. DocTech’s data capture solutions help businesses to master data chaos, meet compliance and achieve a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

DocTech’s first class scanning software is highly valuable and effective in core business areas such as:-

Records Management

Avoid the human error of clumpy manual processes by digitally capturing data with DocTech’s intuitive scanning solutions. By offering first class scanning software, DocTech helps businesses to operate more efficiently and with complete confidence that all UK compliance and regulatory obligations are met.

Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation can eliminate data chaos and reduce cumbersome manual tasks. DocTech’s intuitive scanning solutions ensure data is digitally captured as soon as it enters a business, creating a systemised and structured workflow. With intelligent indexing features, information is correctly routed to the specific person or department for easy processing.

Forms Processing

Processing paper-based forms is extremely slow and prone to error. Manual data entry into digital systems significantly slows down productivity and can encompass huge labour costs. DocTech’s first class scanning software uses in-built OCR technology to capture and process a simple text file that seamlessly integrates with any system – the intelligent software automatically reads the data in each field, digitally turning data into revenue.

Accounts Payable

With the right imaging and intuitive scanning solutions, Accounts Payable processes can be transformed into a channel for growth.  

To discuss a scanning product requirement, please get in touch with the team today on 0161 647 7040.

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“Everything is now filed and is easily retrievable in one document repository. Our Customer Services team achieved a time saving of approximately 15 hours of filing per week – i.e. ½ hour per person x 5 days. The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location. We are continuing to work closely with DocTech on future enhancements with other teams within our business.”
Sue Brennan, Swagelok Manchester

Find out more about our success with Swagelok in our case study here.


Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing document and information.

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