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Optical Character Recognition and Document Management

It's easy to carry on as you are right?  Copying, pasting and typing all your financial information from every invoice, every day into your accounting software.  Wrong!  This is time wasted, money lost and error prone.

What if we told you there was a better way...no more manual data entry, no more paper filing and more time for  meaningful work.  At DocTech our solutions can help your organisation move away from these problems and towards digitally automated processes.

Whether you're completely reliant on paper, have documents saved in a network folder structure or heavily use One Drive, a document management system will house all your information in a central location.  It is the one and only place you'd need to go to for any document, from invoices to product specifications or CAD drawings to contracts.    Data is indexed - categorised and stored - by the software making it easily available.  But how?

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

OCR is a form of text recognition where technology is used to identify handwritten or machine printed characters inside of images such as scanned documents or photographs.  The software used converts this text into machine readable text data which is then easily used for data processing. 

The OCR functionality in our document management software scans digital documents for key information.  It classifies documents and automatically applies metadata, making files easier to locate.  Employees can manually refine this data further if needed, or add more data if they want. 

Machine Learning

The clever thing here is that this software learns as it goes.  As more documents are scanned and saved, it starts to remember where on the page the key information is.  It's likely your business receives documents from the same suppliers, who use the same templates for their invoices.  Our software learns the company name is top middle, and the invoice number is top right for example and automatically saves the document under these categories.  Any corrections needed, the software begins to learn, and so with each scanned document the speed and reliability increases.

Additionally, you can go one step further and integrate document management software with your accounts package.  Scanned documents are saved and information automatically populated into Sage, SAP Quickbooks and more. 

These highly scalable and intuitive solutions can ensure a ROI for your organisation; save time and money, increase productivity and streamline processes. 

Can your business afford to carry on as it is? Speak with one of our experts and let us understand your processes and how we can help.

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