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Streamlining Your Document Processes

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Every organisation processes documents either in paper or in digital form - invoices, sales orders, contracts, proposals, CVs, delivery notes....the list is endless.  Your organisation will have a specific process for each document and ensuring it follows the correct path is vital to guarantee customers get their orders, suppliers get paid, staff receive their wage and countless more.

Whether you process thousands or hundreds of documents a month, an error at any stage can have costly consequences.  Could an invoice be paid twice?  Do delivery notes go missing? Are you retaining personal data longer than you should?

What Does Streamlining Processes Mean?

It means removing any unnecessary steps, work or people involved in a business process to improve efficiency.  Modernising the approach and implementing technology are two ways to make this happen - and it's at this point we can help!  At DocTech we have more than 35 years of experience working with organisations to understand their processes and put a solution in place to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. 

Our document management software can be used as a basic digital achieve (think of it as a virtual filing cabinet) if you simply want to remove the physical paper from your process, right through to an intricate system of workflows, task management and automatic data capture.  We can provide a solution to meet your needs.  Capturing, storing, accessing and managing documents accurately and effectively all help to ensure the goal of any business processes is met.  Looking at some processes in more detail:

Sales Order Process

How does a customer order enter the business - via phone, website or social media?  How that initial information is captured is vital, and you need the ability to capture it in the same way each time, no matter where it comes from.  Digital forms enable you to do this and can be used directly by customers on your website or employees taking a phone call.  Once the information is gathered and submitted, a digital form integrated with our document management software can automatically kick start the next stage of the process.  A physical form doesn't need to be handed to another department, nor does an email need to be sent - it's taken care of. 

Invoice Processing

Managing invoices from receipt to payment can be a huge task with multiple touch points along the way.  The manual steps such as sending an invoice to be approved, coding and adding the information into a finance system can be problematic.  Slow invoice processing can mean suppliers are paid late causing potential disruption to your products and customers.  Automating this entire process using a document management system integrated with your finance package means there is much less room for error.  Incoming invoices can be scanned and information automatically captured, stored in the system and pushed to your finance or ERP package.  No manual data entry is needed and each invoice number can only enter the system once so there are no duplications.

Invoices can be validated by our software according to your business parameters.  If the requirements are met, the invoice can be automatically passed on to an authorised person for approval.  Documents are stored centrally, securely and are easy to find so no time is wasted looking for the information you need.  An invoice can be linked to PO to simplify searches, and approval stamps and annotations can be digitally applied enhancing communication amongst staff. 

No process in your business should slow you down and hinder goals being reached.  If there are problems, speak with your team to find out where any bottlenecks are and put a strategy together on how to address them.  You can talk with our team of experts who can advise and explain how we've helped others. Call us on 0161 647 7070 or book your free process assessment below.

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