As the number of online and paperless interactions increase, so does the use of digital signatures.  Any company looking to secure and safeguard an electronic message, whether that’s an email, credit card or digital document, will need to use digital signatures.

A digital signature protects a documents information and guarantees that the content has not been altered in transit.  Digital signatures are as legally binding as physical signatures, can improve the speed of auditing, (as the document has already been stored electronically) as well as lowering associated costs.

DocTech Solutions

At DocTech, we understand the importance of document and data security because it’s at the core of what we do.  Our digital signature software can be integrated with DocuWare, creating the perfect way to manage the documents you have out to be signed.  Based on the number of signatures required, our solutions offer various ways to sign including biometric signing.  This is the way marks are made on a device with software that associates biometric data – the pressure or speed of writing, to the identity of the signer.

Digital signatures can be used internally or with suppliers and clients outside the business.  They give the ability to sign multiple documents at the same time, and provide two factor authentication.  IP and geographic coordinates are used as evidence for identification.

The Benefits of Digital Signatures:

  • Use in face-to-face meetings or remote scenarios
  • Less printing and paper required, increasing savings
  • Faster and safer
  • Great for mobile working, used in any place, any time
  • Easy integration with existing software
  • Provides direct access to your documents
  • Legally compliant and binding
  • Guarantee of file integrity
  • Space saving, thanks to secure digital storage

Speaking with users, turnaround on signed documents decreased on average from two days to as quickly as an hour.  90% of contracts are completed on the same day, creating less manual work for staff.

If your business requires digital signatures, call on 0161 647 7040 or email us to discuss your needs.