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The Benefits of Document Management

Save employees time

Save Time & Money

With quick & easy access to the information you need there's no time wasted searching across paper, network folders and inboxes.

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Work from Anywhere

Give staff the ability to work seamlessly whether at home, in the office or on the road.  Securely access real time information.

Workflow Automation

Improve Processes

Streamline & automate process steps to increase productivity, enhance communication and provide better customer service.

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What We Do

We draw on four decades of expertise to deliver digital document management technology - and all the benefits it entails - to organisations across the board. 

Whether it's basic archives or full workflow systems, our scalable document management solutions improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. You can expect efficient, fully-compliant business processes without increased administration, storage, or print costs. 

Our portfolio of customers covers small businesses right through to international organisations, in the public and private sector.

Put simply, DocTech delivers success to organisations just like yours.

Document Management Software


Industry Challenges

Our digital document management solutions have delivered success to organisations in the legal, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, social housing and engineering industries to name a few.  We understand complex processes and compliance requirements, and work with our clients to over come the challenges they face.


Our Solutions

We have a suite of solutions to improve the way you store, process and share documents. We offer digital document management software and make process improvements.  This is alongside scanning services to centralise documents and maximise efficiency across your organisation, from HR right through to Accounts Payable.


Services We Offer

Whether you need business process advice or a fully-bespoke digital document management solution installed, DocTech is perfectly positioned to help. We have close to 40 years of experience and expertise in digital document management solutions, as evidenced by our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients.

invoice processing

Automated Invoice Processing

We want to help you simplify your Accounts Payable process. 

Automate the receipt, capture, approval and storage of invoices with our digital document management software.  Duplicate payments, missed invoices and manual processes can all be a thing of the past.

We will provide accurate data capture into a secure and centralised system, while integrating with your Finance or ERP system to remove the need for any manual data entry.

Gain transparency, improve relationships with suppliers and increase the speed of payments.


Choose DocTech for Document Management

Since 1984, DocTech has been at the forefront of Document Management Services and Solutions in the UK and Ireland. We have helped a vast array of businesses improve the way they store, process and share business documents. This improves efficiency and visibility throughout their business processes whilst ensuring compliance is met and risk is reduced.

The Right Solutions For Your Department


Finance Manager

Responsible for the financial health of your organisation, our solutions can help to reduce invoice processing, streamline approvals and generate invoices faster.  Remove the risk of paper based information and have the data you need readily available.


IT Manager

As an IT Manager, digital order is part of your daily business. We understand the importance of having software that integrates with your existing landscape, coupled with high security, straight forward data migration and the choice between Cloud and On-Premise.


HR Manager

Our solutions protect employee data with controlled access to documents stored in a centralised digital repository.  Information is never lost, retention rules are managed and data is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR.  Quickly respond to Subject Access Requests.

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