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Document Management Software in Education

DocTech provides cutting-edge document management solutions tailored specifically for schools and colleges across the UK.

Our education software not only enhances data collection but also streamlines processes, allowing educational institutions to focus on what they do best – educating students. With our secure digital storage, pupil information is safeguarded, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

By implementing our web-based document management software, schools and colleges can significantly improve efficiency and enforce legal requirements surrounding their data.

From invoice processing, managing applications, or integrating with student records and finance applications, our solutions are designed to handle it all seamlessly.

Our document management solutions go beyond just handling paperwork. Tackling processes including accounts payable, student records, HR, and certificates, our software caters to all aspects of educational administration.

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With bespoke access and edit permissions, users can collaborate effectively, while those with higher permissions have complete transparency of document processes.

York College has witnessed improvements across HR, finance, and student records since implementing our electronic document management software. From processing applications to student enrolment and admissions, our education software has implemented document workflows that reduce manual admin, while simultaneously ensuring the protection of personal data.

Digital formsLikewise, Strathallan, a leading Scottish independent school implemented digital forms that sit on the school's intranet.  They capture all information required to enrol students in the new school year. 

These forms have replaced all paper forms, removing storage costs and the associated risks of keeping information in hard copy.  The school has greatly improved compliance and control with these more stringent processes in place.

strathallan - customer"The biggest benefit of DocuWare has been the flow of information.  It's quick and easy to store documents, the information is accessible, and we know the data is secure.  We know the team at DocTech very well and their support has always been great."

Educational institutions choose to partner with us due to our extensive experience in the sector, in-depth knowledge of applications, and the integration options available to make administration processes run smoother.

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Why Do Education Providers Use Our Software?

  • Integration with SIMS, iSAMs and other management information systems
  • Improved student data collection for enrolment, trips or guardian authorisation
  • Secure, digital storage of all student and staff records
  • User or role based access permission to documents
  • Full visibility of every change made to a document
  • GDPR compliance
  • Paper-based processes are reduced increasing efficiency
  • Removal of physical document storage needs and costs
  • Minimised risk of costly mistakes
  • No more risk of loss, damage, or even theft. Documents are preserved and backed up.

Consider DocTech for your business process improvements

Secure school documents

Discover the power of DocTech systems for streamlining your document based processes. Our comprehensive solutions handle a wide range of documents, from careers information, student records, finance records and HR documents. With our scalable and efficient document management and scanning solutions, you can capture, store, and index all your important paperwork in one central filing cabinet.

Our user-friendly system allows staff from every department to access current documents with one click of a mouse. And with our robust document security and granular access permissions, you can rest assured that only authorised personnel will have access to confidential information.

Today, schools, colleges, and universities must comply with various regulatory bodies and acts. From Ofsted to the Freedom of Information Act, we understand the importance of meeting these requirements. That's why our solutions are designed to accurately meet the provisions of the Higher Education Act, ensuring that you stay compliant without hindering efficiency.MIS Integration

Managing and submitting documents related to bursaries and tuition fees can be a daunting task. But with DocTech, you have powerful tools such as self-service digital forms at your disposal. Our solutions help education establishments effectively manage and submit the necessary documents to the Office of Fair Access (OFFA), ensuring that you meet all the requirements.

And when it comes to Tier 4 Border Legislation, our system is here to help. We understand the challenges of managing paperwork for over-seas students, which is why we offer a secure electronic document pool with integrated digital forms. Whether it's confirmation of acceptance, proof of funds, passports, ID cards, or Tier 4 Visas, you can liaise with parents and guardians and store all these important documents securely with software from DocTech.

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We are industry experts with over 75 years of combined experience on our team. We have delivered success for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Document Management

With DocuWare all your documents are stored and shared digitally. It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than traditional paper-based methods.

Go Paperless

Accounts Payable

Automate manual data entry, provide accurate data capture of incoming invoices and get real time information. Ensure your team has full visibility of the process from start to finish.

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We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit, store and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process.

Digital Processes

Employee Management

Digitise HR records into a centralised and secure system. Enables only authorised access, provides easy applicant tracking and automate holiday requests. 

Comply with GDPR

Paper Heavy

Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a secure and centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated and are readily available when you need them.

Reduce Paper Use

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