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Document Management

With our software all your documents are stored and shared digitally. It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than traditional paper-based methods.

Digital Signatures

Digital signature technology improves the speed of auditing, provides smoother turnaround on contract completions and reduces the associated costs.

Document Workflow

We create digital document workflows to meet any organisation’s bespoke requirements by replicating or enhancing existing manual or paper processes.

Reporting Dashboard

Use a central platform to collect, integrate, analyse and present your organisation’s data from multiple databases.  Measure and track KPIs in real time.

Data capture solutions

For organisations with very specific data capture needs, our products help extract detailed line items for or information in unstructured and handwritten formats.

Digital forms

Collect accurate and structured information that works at the core of all your processes. Digital web forms simplify, improve and accelerate data collection.

Providing Solutions Since 1984

If you're struggling with lack of storage space, chaotic digital files or inefficient manual processes, DocTech have a range of solutions to solve your problems.

Whether you need workflow automation to manage approvals, digital signatures for quick contract completion or digital forms to remove paper, join hundreds of forward-thinking clients that have partnered with us since 1984.

We will evaluate your current processes and map out the proposed improvements together. 

With transparent costings that work to your budget, your organisation will benefit from improved processes, secure data and better customer service.

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Save Space, Time and Money With DocTech

Our services, integrations and products help your business save time, space and money by helping you efficiently manage all your documents digitally.

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