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Download DocTech Free Resources

This page is dedicated to free resources, white papers and info graphics to help organisations make an informed decision when looking to implement a digital document management system.  

Whether you're looking to understand exactly what document management software does, know how automated invoice processing works or what the benefits are of a digital transformation strategy, we hope there is something here you can download to take away, read and share with colleagues.

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The Ultimate Guide to Invoice Processing - Whitepaper Download 👇

The Ultimate Guide To Automated Invoice Processing

6 Ways to Automate Invoice Approvals - Download 👇

Automating Invoice Approvals

Introducing Digital Invoice Processing - Download 👇

Digital Invoice Processing

Purchase Order Process - Whitepaper Download 👇

Understanding A Purchase Order Process

Employee Management Software - Whitepaper Download 👇

Employee Management Software

Document Management Integrations - Whitepaper Download 👇

Document Management Integration

Digital Transformation Strategy - Whitepaper Download 👇

How To Implement A Digital Transformation Strategy

A Guide To Process Optimisation - Whitepaper Download 👇

A Guide To Process Optimisation

A DocTech Customer Journey - Infographic Download 👇

The Journey of a DocTech Customer

Document Management Stats - Infographic Download 👇

Document Management Stats

Digital Document Management Process - Infographic Download 👇

How A Document Is Digitally Processed

Paperless Invoice Processing - Infographic Download 👇

Paperless Invoice Processing - Infographic

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