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DocuWare Reporting

Do you use multiple pieces of software to ensure daily operations are complete? 

Overseeing tasks, monitoring stock, paying invoices, managing suppliers etc. usually relies on separate systems housing different data.  This can make it difficult to accurately monitor and easily assess daily operations.

If you use DocuWare, you may have slick document workflows but sometimes struggle to get that overview of where things are up to or where there may be issues.

You could be embracing DocuWare's automation functionality but find that you need further need visibility of what’s happening within your document workflows.

DocuWare Reporting dashboard


Reporting Dashboard

With the DocuWare reporting dashboard from DocTech, you can obtain the latest analytical data from across your organisation in one single solution.

Information is pulled together and you are provided with a set of templated starter dashboards based on access to real-time data. 

We provide a flexible, web-based business intelligence tool which is easy to use and compliments existing software.

The white label solution enables full customisation and configuration to match your existing platforms and brand.

Common DocuWare reporting needs:

  • Easily produce reports from your DocuWare workflow system
  • Gain control of document workflows and easily identify bottlenecks
  • Gain insight into peaks and lows in activities in your workflows
  • Visualise the approval process and drill into more detail
  • Analyse team performance and identify areas for improvement

DocuWare Reporting Dashboard Demo


DocuWare Reporting Dashboard Benefits

  • Pull information from various sources into one platform
  • Real time visual data updates with no manual work
  • High levels of security ensuring your data is safe
  • Connect with document management software
  • Quick and easy set up, generate ROI in a matter of days
  • Easily measure KPIs and improve supplier engagement
  • Style dashboards in company branding
  • Visually spot trends and bottlenecks in workflows
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Full visibility of documents in any DocuWare process
  • Save employees' time and free them up for other work

Personalised and Relevant Reporting Dashboards

When your organisation relies on different systems that house different data, how easy is it to obtain one report showing everything you need?

When management need to look at the overall picture of the organisation, disjointed systems cause problems and don't usually provide the live snapshot required. Various teams pulling separate reports is time consuming, prone to error and takes more work than needed.

When using DocuWare workflows, a reporting dashboard from DocTech is a pre-integrated BI (business intellegence) solution that delivers a set of template starter dashboard components.  These provide personalised, relevant dashboards based on the data from DocuWare workflow solutions.reporting dashboard

DocTech provide a central platform to collect, integrate, analyse and present an organisation’s data from DocuWare workflows along with any other system.

The DocuWare reporting dashboards we can provide, collect data from multiple databases.  It provides instant, live access to information from across the organisation, offering one centralised version of truth. Reports can be delivered directly to your inbox.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for measuring progress towards any desired business goal, and should be an important part of any quality business intelligence dashboard software.

DocTech's DocuWare reporting dashboard features a tracker to allow organisations to measure KPIs in real-time, with a traffic light system to provide instant notifications and business reports.

How Reporting Dashboards Work

These reporting dashboards allow organisations to quickly and simply create dashboard content from DocuWare, and share it with users via an intuitive and secure web browser interface.

The API interface

The API connector is set up to source the required data seamlessly from the DocuWare system.  Additional index fields added to the filing cabinet in DocuWare will automatically appear in the reporting dashboard.DocuWare_API

DocuWare Reporting Templates

A range of template dashboards (and components) are supplied which means you don’t have to start with a blank sheet.  You can use these as a basis for a proof of concept and build a customised solution from there.

DocTech will provide the definitions of the DocuWare index fields required to power the dashboards, and guidance on how to generate the data.

In some cases, this might require you to write to data fields from your own workflows e.g. if we wish to determine if a document took a particular route through the workflow.

The Reporting Dashboard Design Tools

DocTech’s DocuWare reporting solution has an easy-to-use design tool which allows you to create new visualisations and dashboards to meet your needs.

New visualisations can be created in a matter of minutes and saved for use on multiple dashboards reducing build time.

Drill Out Configuration

There is the ability to drill from a dashboard directly to a document within DocuWare, provided you have the correct permissions.

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