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Digital Transformation

Managing all of your business documents can be overwhelming but at DocTech we make it easy. 

If you want to remove paper from your business processes, integrate first-class document management software into your current environment or accurately capture data - we'd love to talk with you.

Book an informal discovery call today and tell us about the document challenges you're facing.  Our experienced team will discuss our solutions and explore how we will bring the biggest improvements to your processes.

We offer compliant, cost-effective solutions to organisations across a wide range of industries.  No matter your size we have highly flexible and scalable solutions built to fit your needs, expectations and budget.

Importantly the systems can start small and grow with your requirements.

The Benefits of

Document Management Software

  • Save hours of employee time searching for documents
  • Automate data capture and to ERP and finance systems
  • Access documents anytime, anywhere 
  • Digital workflows remove manual work to speed up processes
  • Improve document version control and transparency 
  • Utilise the Cloud and run the latest software
  • Efficient processes mean increased profit
  • All documents are centralised in a digital database
  • Documents are safe from damage, loss, or theft
  • Integration options with On-Premise and Cloud applications 
  • Suitable for any department or industry 
  • Shorten audit preparation time

Why Should You Choose DocTech?

Simple: we’re industry leaders when it comes to electronic document management systems and automated business process solutions. Our experience and expertise translate to more efficiency, better productivity, and higher profitability for your business. What more can you ask for?

Since 1984, DocTech have been at the forefront of Document Management Services and Solutions in the UK and Ireland.  Since then we have continued to build and strengthen our portfolio. Not only do we we help organisations improve the way they store, process and share business documents, but everything from data capture and automation to digital signatures and expense management . Our solutions improve efficiency and visibility throughout business processes whilst ensuring compliance is met and risk is reduced.

We can solve specific problems such as invoice processing headaches or the storage of gift aid receipts. We can equally provide a company-wide solution for version control and collaboration of shared business documents. 

Our solutions vary depending on your needs and your budget. Some systems are implemented in single departments and some are company-wide. Many develop over time as more services are required. 

Our team will guide you through the process to uncover the right software solution for your business, delivering success whatever your industry, and whichever pain points you’re facing.

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