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Document Management Software in Construction

We are aware of the complex needs of construction organisations when it comes to efficiently organising, managing and accessing the wealth of documents created during large-scale projects.

With multiple storage locations, shared projects, numerous drawing versions and email communication, it’s no surprise that there is a large appetite for our document management solutions in the tightly regulated industries of construction and Facilities Management.

DocTech have built a strong reputation over the last 40 years of customer focused solutions, tailored to individual construction business needs.  With robust document management software that has a long track record of success, our team of in-house experts have the knowledge and experience to improve business process efficiency.

Our construction-specific solutions allow teams to share, track, and manage all project documents — such as bids, submittals, approvals, punch lists, field data, work orders, and audits — in real-time, from any location. 

Cloud Solutions

wasted time on document approvalWith cloud document management software, construction businesses can access documents while in the office or out on-site.

As project managers spend a lot of their time site, having the ability to approve invoices or review contacts on a mobile device, means document based work isn't hindered by this lack of permanent location. 

With cloud solutions, organisations don't have the hassle of maintaining servers and benefit from regular, scheduled software updates.

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A Single Source of Truth

When using a document management system, it becomes a single source of truth.  It's the only place employees need to store and subsequently search for documents.  

Machine learning within the software converts document content into index terms, and it's these index terms which employees use to search for stored information.  This happens automatically and removes error-prone manual data entry.

Full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of every document also enables the document management system to bring back none-indexed data. 

Document types are selected from pre-configured, uniform lists, preventing spelling mistakes or inconsistences.  For example, when bid documents are given the document type of 'bid document', no other variation such as bidding document or tender can be selected.

Additionally, our document management solution integrates with a variety of third-party software so all your applications act like one.  It means employees no longer need to leave one system to find the information stored in another.

Document Security

CV padlockOnce stored in our document management software, documents are safe from loss, damage or duplication.  With high levels of security including two factor authentication and strict access rights, data is routinely backed-up in separate data centres.

A document management system for the construction industry means all project documents can be quickly found and easily linked together.  If a project file is required externally, the relevant documents can be exported at the push of a button.

Document Control

Our document management software offers high levels of document control.   It can clearly provide the full history of a document, including different versions, changes made, by who, and when the changes were made, and ensures only the current version of a document is shown to non-edit access users.  This makes construction audits a breeze.

Documents can be annotated and highlighted with digital stamps for approvals, enabling work to be carried out in the same way as it could with paper.  The original document is always available to revert back to when needed.

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Customised Workflows

document workflowsDocument workflows and approval processes are much easier to control with construction document management software.  Where construction firms previously had to tediously record project costs using Excel spreadsheets, our document management software can split invoice amounts with a digital workflow and transfer them to an integrated accounts or ERP system.  This removes manual steps and increases efficiency.

Workflows can be customised to follow or enhance existing business rules, enabling processes to flow seamlessly.  Likewise, user accessibility can also be customised so certain documents are only accessible to those with the right permissions.

We're Trusted By

LaganLagan Specialist Contracting Group chose to start working with us back in 2015 as they were amassing thousands of paper documents every month.  Long search and processing times affected the ability of employees to source the information they required.Customers - finch

Finch Aggregates also use our software as they struggled with high volumes of paper documents, creating laborious and lengthy purchase invoice processes.  

With the implementation of a document management system, both organisations have instant access to the data they need, streamlined processes, automated and accurate data capture as well as third party software integrations.

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Why Do Construction Firms Use Our Software?

  • All documents are stored digitally and easily accessible to authorised users from anywhere
  • Simplified and quicker document approval and review with automated workflows
  • Paper-based processes are removed, increasing efficiency and reducing errors
  • Easier compliance with construction laws and regulations - stay BIM compliant
  • Minimised risk of costly mistakes with full visibility of every change made to a document
  • No more risk of loss, damage, or even theft - documents are secure and backed up
  • Bespoke user permissions - granular document access rights based on role of employee
  • Track and manage all project documents in real-time
  • Save time and money - keep projects running on time and on budget

Consider DocTech for Business Process Improvements

At DocTech, we understand how important it is to have secure access to construction documents.  To be able to retrieve them quickly, to know who created them, and to know they are easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our document management software delivers all of this, avoiding any mistakes or confusion on already complex construction projects.   With our high-quality data capture solutions, the correct information is extracted from incoming documents at the start of any process, ensuring the right information flows through the business.

With more than 200 clients and over 10,000 users, we have the experience and the knowledge to help those in the construction industry with our document management solutions. 

Intelligent Indexing-DocuWareOur software captures, indexes and stores all document types, emails, drawings or plans relating to a project, in a centralised, digital system.  Project managers can access up-to-date information in real-time meaning unnecessary delays are avoided.

The risk of document loss, duplication or damage is eradicated with our software.

When business processes are automated, valuable information can be shared instantly making it easier to track budgets and deliver projects with greater efficiency.

By digitising the processes around risk assessments and hazards, project managers can easily identify, document and deal with any risk related processes.  When searching, the related information is easily and quickly accessible.  When needing to document something risk related, it is simple to create a document using a digital form.

Additionally, document reviews are simplified when documents are stored digitally.  Information is easily accessible to all those involved and reminders can be sent when required.

If your construction business if struggling with document chaos, looking for a dedicated document management system or just some advice, get in touch and have a chat with our experienced team - info@doctech.co.uk or 0161 647 7040.

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Office Automation

Office automation reduces the manual effort needed to complete everyday tasks, using data capture software to help store and process business information. Reduce paper and improve processes.

Streamline Processes

Managing Delivery Notes

Store and manage delivery notes in one central, electronic location. Easily link delivery notes, purchase orders and invoices.

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Paperless Office

Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a secure and centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated and are readily available when you need them.

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Accounts Payable

Automate manual data entry, provide accurate data capture of incoming invoices and get real time information. Ensure your team has full visibility of the process from start to finish.

Automated Invoice Processing

Email Management

Dedicated email addresses can be monitored by our software, where an email is received, automatically stored and actioned without the reliance on staff intervention.

Email Organisation

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