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Reduce the Risk of Manual Processes

A document workflow in your organisation may consist of papers being passed from desk to desk, or documents saved in network folders and emails being sent to colleagues to let them know they're needed for the next part of the process.  The more touch points a document goes through, the more potential there are for errors or bottlenecks to occur.

Document Workflows: DocuWare & JobRouter

A well thought out document workflow can ensure tasks are completed in the most efficient way, while meeting organisational goals.  At DocTech we work with our clients to map out organisational processes to see where workflow automation can assist with increasing productivity.



The Benefits

  • Traceability and control over document versions, changes and workflows
  • Protection against data loss and fraud
  • Simple access to documents, based on a complex rights structure
  • Backups and built in redundancy
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant 
  • Lower storage costs compared to some physical storage facilities 
  • Reduce paper, print and postage overheads
  • Scalability no matter what size the organisation  

An electronic document workflow is a system put in place to track, edit, store and manage all the documents associated with any business process.  Your business processes may be completely reliant on paper, all done via email, or a mixture of the two. Workflow tasks prompt employees to make a decision related to a particular document. For example, approving or rejecting an invoice.

You may wonder if workflow automation is worth the investment, and your staff may be reluctant to take the time to learn a new way of accomplishing familiar tasks.  It's important to dig into your current processes as they are now, to fully understand how they're working, the problems and how they can be improved.  Read how we successfully worked with cleaning product manufacturer Challs on implementing their digital workflows.

Ask yourself these things:

  • What initiates a process?  Is it an email, an electronic form or when someone walks in the door?
  • How do you capture the information of what's needed from your business?
  • What do you do with that information and where does it end up? Who's involved along the way and are there any approval steps needed?
  • Where are any documents created and stored?
  • Are any ERP, finance or management systems used?

An electronic document workflow streamlines processes. The documents still exist, but they become digital and can be processed more efficiently. Documents can still be edited, filed and approved, just as they would in paper form.

Challenges We Help With

Accounts Payable Automation

Automating manual data entry, accurate data capture of incoming invoices, real time information, full visibility of the accounts process , including invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and digital signatures.

Purchase Order Process

With our workflow tools we can ensure organisations have a defined process in place to manage and approve purchases. Gain tighter control by linking Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices.

Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures are considered equal to physical signatures and the technology used improves the speed of auditing, provides smoother turnaround on contract completions, and reduces  costs.

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