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Document Management Software for the Legal Sector

The professional processing of case documents plays a key role in the efficiency and legal compliance of law firms.

When handling large numbers of documents, the right Document Management System can make all the difference, whether it's linking relevant documents together or automating task management.

At DocTech we provide solicitors, law firms and barristers with a solution to enable cost-effective and efficient document processing.

Our document management software integrates with Case Management Software to enable simplified task management, document status alerts, version control and digital approvals.

The main benefit for those in the legal sector include; improving incoming post distribution to cases, managing document security, reducing storage costs, automating processes and integration with other key systems.

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Why Does The Legal Sector Use Our Software?

  • Centralise the review process of cases with the documents
  • Have secure and compliant access to information both on and off-site
  • Paper-based processes are reduced, increasing efficiency and reducing loss or confusion
  • Automated workflows and smoother processes with multiple department workflows
  • Store all document types digitally including drawings, photos, PDFs, Designs, ID, legal documents
  • Version control where documents are amended frequently and by a variety of staff
  • Auto assign documents to cases using barcodes, case numbers irrespective of whether the documents arrive digitally or in paper format

Consider DocTech For Your Business Process Improvements

At DocTech, we know that Legal documents need careful management that complies with industry regulations and standards. So here’s how we help out.

DocTech’s solutions work by digitally capturing, storing and indexing documents into a central document pool which can be securely indexed and filed against a case number. This enables staff working on a case to view all documents relating to that specific case. 

With version control, every member of the team can be sure they are working on the latest document version. Workflow is often adopted by our legal clients for ultimate document movement around the organisation.

We can seamlessly integrate into your back-office applications and other software ensuring minimal disruption and downtime. With options to host the software in the cloud or on-premise, our solutions ensure that you remain fully compliant with all legal document retention requirements and laws. The costs can even be spread via a lease where desired and the cost of the system can usually be charged as per the admin associated with case costs.

A well-designed document management system provides a better service to your clients as it allows your clients to view documents online – clients can access information from anywhere at any time via the internet using their personal log in details – secure version control ensures that you and your client are viewing the same document.

DocTech’s software portfolio enables solicitors and legal firms to comply with various regulations stipulated by:-

  • The Law Society
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • Bar Council
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)
  • Chartered Institute of Trademark Attorneys (CITMA)
  • Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
  • Intellectual Property Regulation Board
  • Council for Licensed Conveyancers
  • Association of Costs Lawyers, and more

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