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Outdated Paper Forms?

Business information is a critical resource, therefore capturing and processing it efficiently is vital.

Creating, completing and routing paper forms is time consuming, open to error and can cause delays if they are lost.  Illegible hand writing may add further delays and employee productivity will be affected, with time wasted searching through piles of paper forms to find the required information.  

Paper forms then have to be manually processed and securely stored, taking up valuable office space or housed in expensive off-site storage facilities.  Even electronic forms will still need the information on them transferring into a separate data base, creating more work and more opportunity for error.

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Efficient Digital Forms

In today's highly connected and fast paced business environments, digital forms are the solution.

Digital forms enable organisations to accelerate the speed in which accurate information enters and subsequently flows through the business.

Removing paper in favour of digital forms means the captured data is instantly available in your chosen system and ready for further processing.  It can kick start a workflow with little or no manual intervention, speeding up processes and increasing efficiency.

No more wasted paper, no more lengthy searches and no more costly errors.


The Benefits of Digital Forms

  • Create customised forms to meet specific business needs
  • Access from anywhere with a weblink
  • Obtain accurate information, available immediately
  • Kick start processes off the back of completed forms
  • Use across multiple industries and departments
  • High levels of security and user access
  • Enhance the quality of your data with photos, videos and audio
  • Annotate and edit photos, collect signatures, scan bar codes
  • User dashboard to give an overview of forms sent
  • Data validation at the time of input
  • Prepopulate fields with information from external data sources
  • Built-in audit trails 
  • Ability to work offline

Collecting accurate and structured information is at the core of all data-driven processes. 

Digital forms simplify, improve and accelerate data collection while removing paper and associated errors.  Together with our clients we can build a personalised suite of digital forms without the need for coding and to meet bespoke requirements.

Digital forms can be used across the business to obtain information from purchase orders, absence requests or new supplier forms etc.  The data is fed straight into business systems and available immediately for use.  Paper doesn't move around the business slowing down processes and there is no time wasted copying and pasting data from PDFs.

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ROI 2-1

Digital forms streamline repetitive data-based processes.  The key information added into a new starter form for example, name, DOB, address, email etc. can go on to be used in subsequent forms, removing the need for a new employee to add the same information over and over.

Once submitted and received by the system, these documents can kick start an automated workflow; a new laptop to be ordered or work uniform to be delivered.  All information is stored securely and centrally and easily available to those with authorised access.

Digital forms also enable those employees out in the field or working remotely to accurately collect data offline and transfer it safely and securely into the office.  Access is available from anywhere with a web link via desktop, iOS and Android devices.  Digital forms integrate with back-office systems to ensure a seamless flow of information.  They provide a great way for any organisation to start on their process optimisation journey.

Organised Data

With our partners at JobRouter we implement forms that add value and collect the right information first time.  A digital forms enables you to mark fields as mandatory, as well as upload photos or certificates. Functionality that you cannot achieve with a paper form.

Digital forms integrate with a wide range of solutions including our Document Management Software, which provides secure digital storage for your business information.

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Challenges We Help With

Automate invoice processes

Automating manual data entry, accurate data capture of incoming invoices, real time information, full visibility of the accounts process from start to finish, including invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and digital signatures.

Employee management

Digitise HR records into a centralised and secure document management system. Enables only authorised access, provides easy applicant tracking, manage new hire provision and automate holiday requests. Can simply deal with SARs and GDPR compliant.

Travel Management

Managing employee expenses is time consuming for all involved; our solutions make it easier. Simple electronic templates that handle calculations, currency conversions and capture receipts digitally. Approve or decline expenses from within the system

Move On From Manual Processes

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