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Overhaul Business Processes

It can be a real challenge to know where to start when it comes to business process planning.  Especially when there are multiple departments with varying needs.

Your business will have a variety of processes with different departments taking different approaches, a mixture of documents across paper and network folders, and disparate software solutions that don't talk to each other.

Our software consultancy will help you to identify your current risks, bottlenecks, duplication of work and inefficiencies within specific business processes. 

DocTech's Software Consultancy

To reap the full benefits that document management software can offer, you must be serious about business process planning.

This is often done in-house but sometimes you can benefit from an external opinion which is where our software consultancy can help.

Our software consultants are direct employees of DocTech.  They have years of knowledge in deploying our main solutions and critically, they understand specific departmental business processes and how to improve them, implementing a solution that adds real value whilst addressing the challenges each department faces.

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Business Process Planning:

What To Expect

From data capture, document scanning, workflow solutions and integration, DocTech’s software consultancy offers expertise to address your business needs:

  • In-depth discussion of departmental processes along with mapping the current process
  • Identifying risks, bottlenecks, duplications and inefficiencies
  • Business process planning consultant involved from the first conversation to implementation of the solution
  • Written recommendations of current processes, proposed new processes and solutions
  • Bespoke offerings to meet individual client needs

Software Consultancy from DocTech

At DocTech, we’re proud to offer our clients a service that consists of qualified IT Engineers and System Architects who are all at hand to assist with implementation.

We offer consultancy on all matters relating to business process management, from network and server configuration to the physical installation of workflow management software.  We will map out your current processes and provide you with documented recommendations and proposed alternatives.

Since 1984, DocTech have been at the forefront of document management services and solutions in the UK.  We help businesses to improve the way they store, process and share business documents.  This improves efficiency and visibility throughout their business processes whilst ensuring compliance is met and risk is reduced.

We have been the main UK and Ireland DocuWare partner since 1995.  We provide document management services and software consultancy to a wide range and size of clients.  Each industry and department require different levels of process planning, solutions and improvements.

We can solve very specific problems such as invoice processing headaches or processing of gift aid receipts.  We can equally provide a company-wide solution for version control and collaboration of shared business documents.

Our solutions vary depending on your needs and your budget.  Some systems are implemented in single departments and some are company-wide.  Many develop over time as more document management services are required. 

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Request More Information on Software Consultancy

Whether you're unsure what software you need, would just like some advice, or have a specific issue you need help with, contact us, we're more than happy to chat.

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