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Hospitality Software

single invoice processing-1In the fast-paced hospitality sector, it is essential to have consistent rules, procedures, and documented policies in place to ensure smooth operations.  Alongside these, the correct hospitality software plays a crucial role in managing all the moving parts effectively.

At DocTech, we help a variety hospitality of establishments across the UK including hotels, restaurants and leisure clubs, improve business process management with our document management software.  DocuWare improves purchase invoice processing, enhances workforce management and integrates with key business systems to link up the different operations within the business.

It effortlessly captures and securely stores any document type including invoices, delivery notes, contracts, staff information, health and safety policies, maintenance records and many more.  Once stored, documents are effectively organised and can be easily found in a matter of seconds.

Managing High Volumes Of Documents

One of the biggest challenges faced by those working in hospitality is dealing with high volumes of documents such as supplier invoices and CVs. If not managed properly, these documents can quickly pile up and cause significant issues.

By eliminating paper-based processes and digitally managing important documents, our document management software removes the potential errors caused by human mistakes, information loss, or damaged documents. It is worth noting that even digital documents, such as emails or electronic invoices, can create administrative problems if not saved, stored, and processed consistently by every employee.

At DocTech we take the time to understand our clients' unique needs, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Click the button below to read how we helped London's oldest restaurant, Rules, save £30,000 per year and improve their purchase invoice process.

Rules Restaurant Case Study

The Benefits Of Hospitality Software

Implementing the right hospitality software can bring numerous benefits to individuals working across the sector.  It provides better document control, simplifies access to important information, improves collaboration among team members, and ensures tighter security for the most critical documents.

For hotel and events managers, our document management software helps with the storage and handling of documents across multiple sites. Finance and HR leaders can benefit from efficient contract management, streamlined purchasing processes, and automated invoice processing. 

Digital Forms

Digital FormsBy utilising the power of our digital forms software, employees, suppliers or even customers can enter any required information digitally - accurately capturing the right details first time.  This data is automatically saved into the document management system, removing manual copy and paste tasks or the risk of data loss.  This securely saved information can then kick-start any process.  Whether that's invoice approvals or notifying a line manager employee uniform needs to ordered. 

By tracking documents and simplifying checks with automation, information can be gathered from third-party applications such as hospitality management systems with a document management integration.  This saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the organisation.

The right hospitality software enhances business process management which in turn leads to improved customer service and employee satisfaction.

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Why Use Document Management Software?

  • Improve and speed up purchase order / supplier invoice processing
  • Digitally store hospitality documents in a centralised platform
  • Enable easy access to documents for those working on the road or at home
  • Leaner processes means more efficiency
  • GDPR compliance
  • Scan and automatically index accounting documents
  • No risk of document loss, damage, or theft.
  • Documents are preserved and backed up
  • Seamlessly integrate into hospitality management software systems 
  • Increased productivity, ROI and profit
  • Gain control of documents and data

Consider DocTech For Business Process Improvements

The Hospitality industry needs to ensure all documentation relating to suppliers, customers and employees is securely stored, but yet easily accessible to authorised users whenever they need it.

Gaining control of documents and data will improve business processes and enable tight regulatory requirements such as GDPR to be met.

Users have access to the most current information, which is necessary for those in hospitality to run operations smoothly and safely.  Mobile staff can work as though they were sat in the office with access to all the current information they need.

By implementing hospitality software, hotels, restaurants and membership organisations can easily evaluate their business processes to drive down costs while meeting the demands of customers.

DocTech provide a complete, cost-effective and scalable solution.  Our document management software works by capturing, storing and indexing documents and data into an electronic central document pool.

With four decades of experience and an in-house team of document management experts, we assist our hospitality clients across the UK and Ireland overcome a variety of challenges, with software designed for process optimisation and business efficiency.

DocTech solutions are available either On-Premise or in the Cloud with affordable pricing options to suit your business workflow requirements.  Paper documents can be scanned in and retrospective digital documents are imported as part of the install.   All your crucial information in one secure system.

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Quality & Compliance

To comply with industry regulations, we can help you manage document version control, provide a clear audit trail and know who was the last person to amend what document and when.

Information Security

Purchase Order Process

With our workflow tools we can ensure organisations have a defined process in place to manage and approve purchases. Gain tighter control and reduce risk.

Purchase Order Automation

Paperless Office

Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated.

Reduce Paper Use

Accounts Payable

Automate manual data entry, provide accurate data capture of incoming invoices and get real time information. Ensure your team has full visibility of a process.

Automated Invoice Processing

Document Workflow

We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements, by replicating or enhancing existing manual or paper processes.

Digital Processes

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