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Archive Scanning

Archive scanning can revolutionise how businesses manage their documents, removing the need for cumbersome, costly and space-consuming paper archives in favour of efficient digital repositories.

Archive scanning, coupled with a document management system means information from scanned documents is captured, converted, and securely stored in a digital format.

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Digital Archive

In today's fast-paced digital world, the transition from paper-based documents to a digital archive is not just a trend, it's a necessity. 

DocTech have supported countless clients with archive scanning requirements from legal documents to tenant information, invoices and HR files.

Documents are securely scanned, indexed and organised into a document management system.  Hard copies can be returned or we can have them securely destroyed.

The Benefits of a Digital Archive

  • High quality scans of all your paper documents
  • Secure digital storage of business documents
  • Accurate data capture the moment a document is received
  • Increased efficiency and lower operational costs
  • Reduced manual administration
  • Automate low value and error prone tasks
  • Immediate access to invoices, contracts, delivery notes etc.
  • Gain control over the flow of information coming into your organisation
  • Simple integration with other business applications
  • Accommodate all document types

Turn Paper Archive's into Digital Archives 

Let us transform your bulky paper archives into accessible, secure, and easy-to-manage digital files with our archive scanning services.

Gain full control of the information across the organisation with a digital archive.  A document management system enables documents to be accessible anytime and anywhere to authorised users, all while being fully backed up in the cloud. 

We can arrange for your documents to be carefully packed into archive boxes and taken to secure premises, where each box is given a unique ID.

The documents will be prepared and unstapled, then turned into images with high quality document scanners.

Checks are carried out along the way to ensure the scanning was successful, and each document goes through Optical Character Recognition.  

Once everything is completed, we can arrange for the documents to be shredded and recycled, providing a certificate of destruction if required, or they can be returned to you.

And the results?  Quick and highly secure access to digital files that remove costly paper storage facilities and printing expenses.

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Mailroom Automation

Once a digital archive is established with document management software, mundane, time-consuming tasks and processes can be automated, paving the way for mailroom automationPhysical mail is digitised on arrival, captured, classified and routed to the correct person or department in the business via bespoke document workflows.

Archive scanning alongside processing documents digitally, significantly reduces the potential for human error, ensuring important information doesn't get lost.

Furthermore, it streamlines workflows, enabling staff to focus on more strategic tasks that require human insight and creativity.  By automating routine processes, your organisation can achieve faster response times, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency.

Get in touch with your requirements today and make a start on bridging the gap between traditional document handling and a modern, digital-first approach to information management. 

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We can help with all your archive scanning requirements and use the highest quality document scanners. 

No matter the job size or your location, get in touch for a quote or to discuss your needs further.

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