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Document Management Software and Manufacturing

DocTech enable leading manufacturers to bring the efficiency they have on the shop floor to the administration processes in the back office.

Our document management software for the manufacturing industry will deliver a suite of benefits to your business, your clients, and your accounts team. You can expect lean processes and a return on investment within months of upgrading your systems.  DocTech is uniquely positioned to help you make the transition, ensuring all CAD drawings, project documents and job sheets are securely stored, easily accessible and available to all.

What would be the cost to the business if a document was lost, or if staff weren't working to the latest version?  Could there be production errors and delays resulting in customers going elsewhere?  What about a damaged reputation? 

Why continue with the risk that paper and messy network folders pose?  A digital document management system securely stores any document type in a single and easily accessible location.  It monitors version control alongside any changes that were made to documents.

Document management software (DMS) plays a significant role in the manufacturing industry.  It helps to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, improve compliance, and ensures the efficient management of various types of documents and data associated with manufacturing operations.

There are often other key systems and/or software in place when we start a conversation with manufacturers about document management.  These will typically include ERP systems, finance systems, and quality management systems. 

Manufacturers & DMSWe place a huge importance in getting to know your existing systems to ensure we can compliment them.  We are able to provide various levels of document management integration with a focus on making documents as easy to access as possible.   This often means we enable users to view documents “within” their main system rather than having to leave and search for them elsewhere.

The requirement for document management software within manufacturing organisations often comes from a need to be efficient whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

Our solutions are versatile enough to be applied throughout your business.  Whether it's helping your finance department to process high levels of incoming invoices, assisting quality teams to manage the global documents that sit behind data in the QMS or implementing document approval processes on SOPs.   We can also provide a separate area for HR staff to manage employee-based documents and automate admin heavy processes.

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Why Implement A Document Management System

Implementing a dedicated document management system will deliver improved tracking, smoother workflows, and removed pain points to those working in the manufacturing. 

Document management software and manufacturing are a great fit delivering improvements in efficiency and productivity.  The system quickly becomes a critical tool in supporting key business operations. 

Processes are streamlined, collaboration enhanced and compliance improved. Critically, a document management system provides secure and transparent management of the vast array of documents and data associated with manufacturing operations.

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Why Do Manufacturers Use Our Software?

  • Paper-based processes are reduced meaning more efficiency and less opportunity for error
  • Documents are easy to create, fully visible, and traceable through their entire lifespan
  • All documents are scanned and stored digitally
  • Manufacturing document management systems integrate seamlessly with ERP, finance, etc.
  • No more risk of loss, damage, or even theft as documents are preserved and backed up
  • Grant access to documents to the right people based on their role
  • Scalable pricing means you only pay for the access your business needs
  • Version control means you can rollback to previous versions and prevent duplicates
  • With a DMS, manufacturers are ready for the next tender opportunity that requires them to have a system in place.

Consider DocTech For Your Business Process Improvements

Wondering what success will look like with DocTech? Let us paint you a picture.

Manufacturing is complex.  There are pressures at every step of the process, and any bottlenecks or roadblocks can derail the whole operation.  That’s why manufacturing businesses look for solutions to streamline processes at every step of the journey.

With document management software for the manufacturing industry, you can say goodbye to the days when a misplaced document would throw a metaphorical spanner in the works. 

Instead, all documents - whether they're drawings and manuals through to invoices and delivery notes - are stored digitally and safely backed up.  Either in the cloud or hosted on your servers and fully accessible by anyone with the relevant permissions.

Read how chemical manufacturers Challs reduced lost documents by 100% after implementing our software.

21% loss in overall staff productivityThis delivers benefits across the business.  Productivity increases because staff no longer need to rummage through filing cabinets or shared drives for elusive documents.  Time is saved during audits because every document can be found instantly with minimal hassle.  Version control means there are no duplicates to look through and no confusion.  Clear labelling shows which is the latest document along with who changed what and when.

Whatever your line of manufacture - from tyres and valves, right through to food and medical devices - we can offer a simple archiving solution through to the most complex level of document management.  Our solutions can be scaled and tailored to the needs of any business, meaning you only pay for the access you need.

And the best thing? All of these benefits are passed along to your clients too.  More efficient processes at your end mean higher customer satisfaction, better customer retention, and the opportunity for repeat orders.

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Perfect Solutions For Your Business!

We are industry experts with over 80 years of combined experience on our team. We have delivered success for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

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