DocTech are proud to have worked with Challs, a leading brand in household cleaning products, for the last five years.  Providing instant document access from our document management system, DocuWare.  Ensuring those documents are safe and secure, whilst improving customer service were among the priorities for Challs.

DocTech worked, and continue to work with Challs to fully understand their needs and requirements.  Together we have been able to:

  • Eliminate the need for physical storage
  • Digitally store and file thousands of documents
  • Help Challs work towards a paperless office
  • Provide instant document access – no longer wasting time looking for documents
  • Improve communication across departments due to increased visibility of information
  • Reduce the number of misplaced documents
  • Implement workflows to automate tasks – artwork designs can be signed off in the system
  • Improve business processes and customer service
  • Provide mobile access
  • Future proof their processes

To know more about our work with Challs, you can read the full case study on our website.

If your business is looking to become paperless and have instant document access get in touch to discuss the benefits DocTech can provide.