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Thursday 11 Apr 2024

Addressing the Risk of Fraud in Your Accounting Processes

The goal of accounting processes is to accurately report on a company's financial health and to record all transactions. Accounting processes are vital, but it is well known they are vulnerable to threats and concerns with ...

Tuesday 20 Feb 2024

How To Reap the Benefits of Automated GL Coding with DocuWare

DocuWare is a powerful and dedicated document management system that enables organisations to automate GL coding and benefit from reduced errors, faster processes and improved efficiency.

Tuesday 31 Oct 2023

The Scary Truth About Poor Invoice Processes

Poor invoice processes can have some terrifying effects on a business's cash flow and overall financial health. When invoices are not processed efficiently, payments can be delayed leading to potential petrifying cash flow ...

Tuesday 22 Aug 2023

5 Financial Processes That Will Benefit From Automation

Financial processes are not just important, but absolutely crucial to the success and growth of any organisation. They serve as the backbone of a company, ensuring that money flows seamlessly through every department.

Friday 17 Mar 2023

3 Way Matching in Accounts Payable

3 way matching in Accounts Payable safeguards businesses against the threat of fraud, over payment and provides control over spending. Automated 3 way matching gives business owners the security they need to ensure only ...

Tuesday 8 Nov 2022

How To Solve The Problems In Your Accounts Payable Process

The accounts payable process is vital and no business can exist without it. How efficient accounts payable teams are relates directly to the financial stability of an organisation.

Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

Getting The Right Finance Workflow Software For Your Business

Modern businesses are always on the look out for new tools and solutions to increase efficiency and improve processes. It is why finance teams implementing workflow software reap the benefits compared to their competitors, ...

Friday 22 Jul 2022

Six Tips For Improving Document Security

Improving and ensuring document security needs to be a priority given the confidential nature of a large amount of information processed by businesses. Fraud, fines and legal action are all potential consequences of data ...

Tuesday 19 Jul 2022

How Long Does it Take to Process an Invoice?

How long it takes to process an invoice will differ depending on the number of invoices received, internal processes and the size of the organisation. We hear from our prospects it can take two weeks, if not longer. If it's ...

Tuesday 21 Jun 2022

Document Approval

Having an efficient document approval process in place that can adapt when approvers are on holiday or working from home, can make all the difference. It ensures bottlenecks do not appear, that documents are approved in a ...

Tuesday 17 May 2022

What is Purchase to Pay?

Purchase to pay is the full end to end process an organisation will go through from the initial order request of goods or services, through to delivery and payment. It can be called a variety of different things including ...

Tuesday 10 May 2022

The 10 Benefits of a Purchase Order System

A purchase order system enables organisations to digitally create, track, manage and approve purchase orders. Our software simplifies and streamlines the entire ordering process, automating tasks and removing the reliance on ...

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