We all want the money back we spend during business trips and meetings, but is doing your expenses a job you leave to the last minute because of the lengthy time it takes?  If you’re an Office Manager, PA, or work in finance, you more than most, will start to dread that time of the month with all the work, and constant chasing that’s involved.

Staff need to know where they were and when, while keeping every receipt for every expense they’ve incurred; hotels, travel, food etc.  It can be a huge amount of work, especially for those that are on the road a lot.

If you’re looking for an easier way to do your expenses then DocTech solutions can help.  We can offer a ready to use process template, available on a dashboard to all employees and departments who’d be involved in the expense process.  That may be the individual, line mangers, HR or members of the Finance Department.

Columns can be customised, with invoices and receipts being captured digitally then attached to expense line items.  The system can do calculations, currency conversions and split money to various cost centres as required.  Information can be taken from previous forms to minimise manual data entry.

The system can do its own validation against any parameters set by your business – such as no lunch expense should total more than £10.  Managers can approve or decline expenses from within the system before it’s submitted.

Doing your expenses no longer needs to be a time consuming paper driven process.  Digitise your expense and save time, effort and money.  Speak to DocTech about how we can help.