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Thursday 30 Nov 2023

Teams Integration with DocuWare

A Microsoft Teams integration with DocuWare means data can easily flow between the two applications providing better working options for employees. Documents or files shared in Teams chats can be indexed and filed straight ...

Tuesday 7 Nov 2023

Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency: Tips and Strategies

Manufacturing efficiency plays a huge role in any manufacturing business as it affects productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. With years of experience and industry specific knowledge from working with our ...

Thursday 26 Oct 2023

The Frightening Reality Of Manual Document Processes

Manual document processes are still common place in many organisations but the frightening reality is, they're slow, error prone and costly for the business. If it was up to us, ghastly manual document processes would always ...

Tuesday 17 Oct 2023

The Five Advantages of Integrated Software

Integrated software provides a variety of benefits ranging from improved employee communication, reduced overheads, and increased profits.

Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

DocuWare 7.9 - DocuWare's Latest Release

DocuWare's latest version, DocuWare 7.9 will be available in October and offers significant improvements for managing the purchasing process.

Thursday 31 Aug 2023

Calling All DocuWare Clients Running Windows Server 2012 R2

From October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 is officially end of life. This means that the operating system will no longer receive any security updates or support from Microsoft. As a result of this, DocuWare are also ...

Wednesday 2 Aug 2023

Join Us At Accountex Manchester

Accountex Manchester is taking place on Tuesday 19th September at Manchester Central. The conference attracts more than 2,000 accountancy and finance professionals from across the UK, all looking to make connections and ...

Tuesday 25 Jul 2023

Client Spotlight - Astley Hire - Digital Forms

Astley Hire, a local independent hire specialist had a problem with data capture and came to us for help.

Tuesday 11 Jul 2023

Alternatives To Dropbox - Moving On With DocuWare

For many years, Dropbox has been the go to cloud file storage solution for organisations looking to store, share and collaborate on projects. But despite its popularity, many businesses are now looking for alternatives to ...

Tuesday 27 Jun 2023

DocuWare 7.8 - New Features

DocuWare 7.8 offers a variety of new features including Teams integration, digital form improvements and secure deletions - making working life easier and more secure.

Tuesday 20 Jun 2023

What Is A Document Management System?

A document management system (DMS) is a digital system used to store, share, track and manage files or documents. It is used by organisations ranging in size and industry to remove chaotic paper or manual processes to ...

Thursday 11 May 2023

The Latest DocuWare Releases – An Overview From DocTech

DocuWare 7.8 on premise is now available. Cloud customers will be upgraded via the DocuWare schedule as normal.

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