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Document Management Software

How much time do you and your colleagues spend trawling through emails, shared folders, and even paper documents to find the information they need? Without proper document management software, the answer to this question is “too much.” But it doesn’t have to be this way.

DocTech are the UK and Ireland's most experienced DocuWare partner, with a partnership spanning over 26 years. For 16 consecutive years, DocTech have achieved DocuWare Diamond Club status.

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DocuWare Transforms Businesses

With DocuWare's document management software all your documents are stored and shared digitally while keeping their original format. It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than traditional paper-based management systems.

As a trusted partner of DocuWare, DocTech clients both new and old benefit from extensive knowledge and experience of implementing document management solutions.

Watch our product video below to understand how we can help you digitally store, organise and share your documents. 

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The Benefits of Document Management Software

  • Increase efficiency and save your employees hours of time each week searching for documents
  • Access is available anywhere 
  • Create automated workflows and remove manual processes to speed up production
  • Provide better version control on document changes to assist with audits
  • More efficient processes mean more time spent making a profit
  • All documents are centralised in a digital database
  • Cloud backup ensures documents are safe from damage, loss, or theft
  • Integrate with legacy systems
  • Suitable for any department, industry or process challenges

As the longest-established DocuWare partner in the UK and Ireland, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the above benefits to your business.  We’re confident that a bespoke DocuWare Document Management System will revolutionise your business. 

At DocTech, we know we need to understand business processes alongside the solutions we offer. With close to 40 years of industry experience, we start all projects by gaining an overview of the clients’ current processes, their infrastructure and what ultimately needs to be improved and why.

Whether in the Cloud or On-Premise, DocuWare enables organisations to digitise all their documents in one central location no matter what format.  Data is secure and easily accessible to users with authorised permission. There’s no longer a need to print, forward emails, store paper or pay for off-site storage.

"DocuWare is our core document management software and sits between and integrates with our key business systems. It is central to all our document management at Muir.  Read how we helped our client Muir Housing Group, with their document based challenges.



Save Time

Our document management software enables employees to work more efficiently and collaboratively.  It reduces the time spent managing approvals and searching for documents across multiple locations. 

This reduction in searching time, manual data entry and paper avoids document chaos and allows us to clearly demonstrate a return on investment for every project.

Suitable for All

Document management software can be used across anyDWSAPSAGEDT 2-1 department and in any industry to help streamline processes. We have a wealth of experience integrating our document management software with existing Finance, ERP, CRM, or HR software.

Whether your organisation is looking to go paperless, centralise employee records, share and edit sales collateral or remove the manual steps within invoice processing, we can help.

Experience Sets Us Apart

DocTech clients both new and existing benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of implementing document management software.  An in-house support team set up all new installations and the very same team are available to clients for any further software enhancements or support. 

Dedicated document management software is important when you need to capture, store, access and manage documents with speed and efficiency. Organisations remove problematic manual processes, gain transparency and improve access and security to work more effectively.

DocTech have been Diamond and Platinum DocuWare partners since inception of the awards in 2008 and have completed over 200 installations in that time. This translates to over 200 businesses with more efficient and more profitable processes.

We offer a FREE process assessment where we'll chat with you about the challenges you face and what you'd like to achieve through implementing document management software.  We will offer improvements or alterations that will enable your organisation to reach it's desired goals, and give a free demo of the software with no obligation to buy.

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Challenges We Help With


Automating manual data entry, accurate data capture of incoming invoices, real time information, full visibility of the accounts process from start to finish, including invoices, purchase orders and digital signatures.

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Office automation reduces the manual effort needed to complete everyday tasks. Our software helps store and process business information thus in turn reducing paper and improving processes.

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Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a secure and centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated and are readily available when you need them.

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