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DocTech and Intuitive BI Partnership

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley

As the UK and Ireland’s most experienced DocuWare Partner, we are pleased announce that DocTech are now one of the first distributors of the new Intuitive Dashboards for DocuWare.  

The Intuitive Dashboards are a welcome addition to DocTech’s solution portfolio as a leading UK provider of document management and process automation solutions. 

As an Intuitive Distributor, we will work together with Intuitive to provide dashboards that offer enhanced visualisation of data within DocuWare business processes.  The dashboards will display visual information from key workflow automations such as accounts payable and HR onboarding.  

Ruban Rajasooriyar, Managing Director of DocTech explains:

“As one of the most experienced and the longest standing provider of DocuWare in the UK and Ireland, it’s vital we continually develop our portfolio of solutions. We strive to push the capabilities of DocuWare with some of the most complex installations. We are pleased to add Intuitive Dashboards to our product offering to enhance the solutions we can provide to our clients”.

reporting dashboardIntuitive delivers a range of pre-integrated dashboard solutions that work with systems including DocuWare. Intuitive works with its distributors to deliver a complete set of standard dashboard configurations, allowing customers to get up and running straight away with minimal set up time and configuration. 

Distributors like DocTech can then take these dashboards and further develop them to meet particular customer requirements.

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence tools, which can be more complex than necessary, Intuitive Dashboards can be installed and set up in a few days, meaning that users can get on with running their business processes.

There is no need to run monthly reports for different users, as dashboards are all fully automated and personalised with no effort.  In addition, the highly visual dashboards identify where you can improve the efficiency of your processes.

As Roger Stocker, Intuitive CEO explains:

“We are thrilled that DocTech have become the newest partner for Intuitive, bringing our value-added dashboards to their customers.  The Intuitive Dashboards provide extra visibility and effectiveness when managing business processes in DocuWare and we are excited to see the success we can bring to DocTech’s customers.” 

You can visit the reporting dashboard page of our website for more information, or get in touch with us for a demo.

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