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Mosscare Housing

MSVMosscare St Vincent's Housing Group prides itself on being a community based landlord.  They work with customers across the North West to create thriving neighbourhoods.

With more than 100 staff, needing access to paper documents relating to rental agreements, contracts, invoices, gas and electric safety certificates and property repair details, for more than 8,000 properties, it's easy to see why MSV decided they needed a digital document management system.

The organisation's key goals were to centralise information and control workflow.  High functionality and a low Total Cost of Ownership were also important.

DocTech's Solution

All documents are now stored in DocuWare, with their digital journey starting in the mailroom.  All incoming paper documents are scanned, emails and any faxes are captured digitally meaning that documents now only move  through their offices electronically.

To achieve this workflow, documents were indexed in a specific way to allow them to be easily searchable in each electronic filing cabinet.

Mosscare has to remain up-to-date with data information retention regulations regarding the manner in which a tenant’s details are handled.  This requires linking numerous documents together and relating them back to a tenant, something easily achieved with DocuWare.


What Benefits Did We Provide?

Simple retrieval of documents from employees desks as everything is stored electronically.

Users can can track and follow the history of a tenant and property, from the planning stage to handing over the keys, increasing efficiency.

Tenant requests are immediately processes and any queries are responded to quickly.

DocuWare is integrated with MSV's property management  system Link2, which enables staff to find documents stored in DocuWare without ever leaving Link2.

What are The Results?

DocTech have had a successful relationship with  Mosscare St Vincent's Housing Group since 2001, with our solutions being used across Finance, Customer Service, Property Management and Sales.


in less than 2 years

with so many processes being improved in both a qualitative and quantitative way.


million documents

securely stored and categorised in their DocuWare installation.

How Can We Help?

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DocTech solutions integrate with a wide range of third party packages across Property Management, Finance, CRM, ERP, HR and Student Management

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Get transparency and efficiency in your department by digitsing the Accounts Payable process. Reduce manual data entry and remove duplicate invoices.

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We can ensure the security, tracking, version control and auditability of your documents are achieved.

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