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The Woodland Trust

woodland trustThe Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity with the aim to create new native woodland with the help of communities, schools, organisations and individuals.  They try to protect our precious ancient woods, restore the ones that are damaged and fight for those under threat. They do this by inspiring people up and down the country to visit woods, plant trees, and enjoy the many benefits that woodland has to offer.

An upcoming move to a new, more modern building with less storage space prompted the organisation to start evaluating document management solutions. The charity wanted to digitise their legal documents in a format legally accepted by the courts.  They needed to securely store these documents with specific retention periods.  A solution that could integrate with other key systems such as their CRM and accounting systems, as well as provide home-based employees with easy access to important information over the internet were important considerations.

DocTech's Solution

The Woodland Trust met with DocTech, and decided to implement DocuWare because it met all their legal requirements, would help them reduce document storage space, and could be customised to their unique needs.

As an organisation dedicated to woodland conservation, moving toward a paperless office was the next logical step. DocuWare was initially rolled out to the legal department to manage and store land acquisition documents, alongside legacy documents containing the details of an individual’s donation of part of their estate after death.

Easy searchable access to information inspired the charity to expand DocuWare’s use to include: direct debit mandates - the document confirming a donation made with monthly electronic debit, and gift aid declarations - a document that allows an individual to declare that they are a UK taxpayer and donate the income tax previously paid on the donation to charity. This form allows the charity to collect an additional 25% of the value of the gift from the tax office as additional revenue. A donation of £100 would result in an additional £25 of income for the charity, and is important information then need to keep a record of.


What Benefits Did We Provide?

A better way to manage Gift Aid declaration forms, ensuring The Woodland Trust keep track of an important source of income.

Audits have been simplified as Gift Aid forms and other important legal documentation are securely stored and can easily be found.

Integration with their CRM, Advanced NG means once a donor is located in their CRM, all related documents can be accessed by a DocuWare button placed into the CRM, streamlining the two systems into one.

New work processes for home-based employees have been possible by enabling them to access and store documents anytime.  They no longer need to travel to the office.

Retention rules are automatically applied to legal documents such as property deeds or wills, meaning documents are kept only for as long as needed.

What are The Results?

DocTech have worked with The Woodland Trust since 2014, ensuring paper usage is reduced, their systems work together and by simplifying access to information, customer service is improved.



for home workers enabling access to the documents they need over the internet, removing the need to travel to the office.


efficient processes

means Gift Aid forms are securely stored, increasing the charities income, alongside legal documents retained for the correct period.

How Can We Help?

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Dedicated email addresses can be monitored by our software, where an email is received, automatically stored and actioned.

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