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Wettone Matthews

wmlogo 169 x 92Wettone Matthews provide a complete range of accountancy services; Business Start up Advice, HMRC rules, Tax Returns, Payroll, Capital Gains Tax and more. 

Wettone Matthews pride themselves on delivering a tailored yet consistently professional service to their clients.

Paper Heavy

The Directors at Wettone Matthews realised they needed to make a change to the way they worked when in 2006, they assessed the sheer volume of paper created and stored.

Filling cabinets were stacking up in an increasingly damp cellar and storage space was becoming a problem.

Prior to utilising DocTech’s solutions, the internal document processing involved handling a lot of paper. Copies of all documents were created, colour coded and filed.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Wettone Matthews was moving from paper to electronic files, due to the large number of documents held on site.

Some weeks, the firm could be processing up to 1,000 documents, with the busier months of December and January receiving three times as many.

Emails also needed attention after a Director retired with over 3000+ emails stored in his outlook that were highly sensitive and contained information that needed to be accessed by the rest of the business.

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DocTech's Solution

DocTech technical staff sat with employees and mapped their processes to fully understand how the business worked and how their paper processes could be digitally replicated/improved.

Simple Digital Storage

A simple storage solution with easy access was needed, along side a way to easily file away emails.

Everything would be scanned and stored in DocuWare with three digital filing cabinets created. 

Index field names were decided; the file criteria to be associated with each document for easy searching.

These can be anything to recall a document; document type, reference number, clients etc. These were all bespoke and can be updated if needed at the clients request.

Email Integration

DocTech also implemented ‘Connect to Outlook’, a module of DocuWare that allows users to store emails into the document management system from within Outlook or Office 365.

Users are given the option to store the email, attachment or both.  These are indexed, saved and become searchable in DocuWare the same as any other document. 

There is a private filing cabinet for confidential information that only the Directors have access to, as well as a client one. 

Any work  created is ‘printed to DocuWare’, which files it straight into the system. When HMRC come in, everything is online ready for them to see.

Email management for productivity 5

What Benefits Did We Provide?

  • Documents are now easy to find, everything’s in chronological order and easily accessible to everyone

  • DocuWare is used company wide, and staff describe a painless transition from paper to digital

  • The biggest benefit staff have found is the accessibility of information across the office. Using DocuWare to house all their business data in once place means everyone knows where to look

  • Documents can only be saved under strict naming conventions, so no one document type, can be named in different ways.

What are The Results?

Wettone Matthews had a simple requirement from us, they needed a secure, digital repository for their business documents and we were happy to help.  Not every solution has to be complicated to provide the biggest benefit. 


emails efficiently

saved in a digital archive with DocuWare's Connect to Outlook functionality. 


documents stored

and processed per week, reducing paper usage and the time spent on filing.

How Can We Help?

email management

Connect to Outlook

Get in touch with us to find out more about digitally saving your emails straight from your inbox.  Ensure business critical information is available to all.

Document management solutions

Document Management

With DocuWare all your documents are stored and shared digitally. It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than paper-based methods.

Document Scanner

Archive Scanning

We have the solutions if you have a large number of back dated files that need scanning into your document management system.

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